The Hamble School recognises the importance of excellent attendance and punctuality in order that students can maximise their achievement in school and that they can be well prepared for the demands of the next stage of their education or training. Ensuring a child’s regular attendance and punctuality at school is the parent’s/carer’s legal responsibility (1996 Education Act), and permitting absence from school that is not authorised may result in prosecution. The school expects students to be in school every day and on time barring serious illness or accident. Excellent attendance and punctuality is rewarded with points towards a student’s house and is allocated by tutors in order to encourage students to attend regularly and arrive at school on time.

Should my child stay home from school?

We are often asked if a child needs to be kept home from school. Often, staying at home has a more negative impact on the child than attending school with a minor ailment. If your child does not have a temperature but has a cough, cold, headache or earache then as with adults, the medical advice is to give them an age-appropriate dose of paracetemol and send them to school. We will always contact you if your child’s condition worsens.

If your child has a contagious condition such as chicken pox, vomiting or diarrhoea, you should keep them at home.

The leaflet in the featured content, produced by Hampshire County Council, explains more about illness and attendance. There is an especially helpful section on the last page that helps you determine how long a child should be kept off school for the more common illnesses and conditions.

Absence procedures

The school requests that wherever possible parents/carers avoid taking their child out of school for non-urgent medical and dental appointments.

If a child is absent parents/carers must:

  • Telephone the school as soon as possible, preferably before 09.00am, on the first day of absence, stating the reason for the absence. This can be done by either calling the school on Tel: 023 8045 2105 then selecting option 1 to leave a recorded message or email:
  • Provide evidence in the form of appointment cards, prescriptions or referral letters.

If a child is absent we will:

  • Telephone/text and email parents/carers on the first day of absence if we have received no reason for absence.
  • Discuss strategies for improvement with parents/carers before referring the matter to Hampshire’s Attendance Legal Panels if the attendance figure falls below acceptable figures, to comply with DfE regulations.


A child may be at risk of harm if they do not attend school regularly. This will be considered a safeguarding matter.

Holidays taken during term time

The school does not permit holidays to be taken during term time. Parents should be aware that the law now enforces the position regarding holidays. The Education (Pupil Registration) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2013, which became law on 01 September 2013, state that the Headteacher may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.

In accordance with the above regulations, requests for leave of absence will be treated sympathetically, but only in exceptional circumstances can they be approved. Parents who take their child out of school for five days or more during term time, without the authority of the Headteacher, will be liable to receive a penalty notice.

Guidance on Hampshire’s Code of Conduct for issuing penalty notices can be found at:

If you require a Leave of Absence form you or your child can pick one up from the school reception desk.