Express Stream

The Express Stream provides an opportunity for our brightest students to experience the highest levels of cognitive challenge in their learning, to accelerate their progress and to take additional qualifications in order to prepare them for applications to the top sixth form colleges and, subsequently, universities in the country. We have a number of students who have gained places at Oxford, Cambridge and the other Russell Group universities and the Express Stream is the ideal vehicle for achieving this ambition.

Students are placed in the Express Stream based on their Key Stage 2 raw scores for Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, Reading, Maths and cognitive ability test scores. The highest ranked students are automatically placed in the Express Stream sets with other students being considered on an individual basis to ensure that they will cope with the extra academic demands. Students specifically gifted in Mathematics and English join the Express Stream sets for those lessons. There is at least one Express set for each band in the timetable.

Students study English, Maths and Science as part of the Express Stream.  D&T and PE are mixed ability and all other subjects are set accordingly. The Express Stream students study two languages: French and Spanish.