Governors of The Hamble School

At The Hamble School, Governors are involved in making strategic decisions for the school. We have governors from all walks of life to ensure diversity across the full governing body, which in turn provides us with the best range of support possible, to help ensure the best decision is made to aid the development of our students.

Governors Vision Statement

Our vision is for The Hamble School to be the consistently high performing, local school of choice, with wide-ranging opportunities for all. We commit to:

  • Providing a consistently challenging and stimulating learning environment that engages and develops all our students.
  • Valuing every individual student in our community and taking the opportunity to celebrate their successes.
  • Enabling our students to develop the moral values, confidence and resilience to make a difference at Hamble and beyond.
  • Recruiting, developing and retaining inspirational staff of the highest calibre, who through their continuous drive for improvement and innovation, create an enriching and supportive learning community.

By striving for excellence in all that we do, we ‘Achieve Excellence Together’.

Nigel Groves
Chair of The Hamble School Governing Body

Nigel Groves – Chair of Governors

Nigel Groves

I care passionately about the education of young people, their aspirations and celebrating their talents and achievements, and this drives my role as Governor at the school. My belief is that Governors play a critical role in examining the Senior Leadership’s strategies and actions to ensure they have an appropriate impact on the student experience, and have outcomes that move the School towards a sustained level of excellence for all students.

I recently retired as Vice Principal of Barton Peveril Sixth Form College, after 39 years in the teaching profession, holding senior posts in secondary schools, sixth form colleges and further education colleges.  My experience, both with the curriculum and business aspects of running educational establishments, is used to support the school’s drive to be the high performing local school of choice.

I was born less than a mile from the school and so have strong connections to the school and the area.

Outside of the classroom, I have been involved with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme throughout my career and see such activities as a vital element of the extended curriculum we must offer our students – not to mention the challenge, personal development and fun that comes from participation in extra-curricular activities and events.

Currently: Linked Governor for Mathematics, Safeguarding/Child Protection/PREVENT, SEN/Personal Development, Behaviour and Student Welfare (including attendance and punctuality), Anti-bullying, school policy on homophobia, racism, sexual exploitation, radicalisation and extremism.

Gary Camfield – Local Authority Governor

Gary CamfieldI have been a governor at the school since 2000, serving as Chair between 2007 and July 2017. Both of my children attended the school, as did my wife.

During my time as Governor I have seen the focus in education change with resultant adjustments to the curriculum and to the opportunities provided to pupils. I have seen the development of the campus with the addition of the Sports Hall and Gymnasium, along with the Skills Centre and Pavilion.

I am a Chartered Building Surveyor currently working in Winchester with Hampshire County Council, assisting with the Estate Change Programme for Hampshire Constabulary and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire. With my professional background, I bring to the Governing Body an analytical and pragmatic approach to dealing with the management and development of the school.

I am a keen rugby player, having been a founder member of the now disbanded Hamble Rugby Club that used to play on the site, and have a passion for sport which is a cornerstone to the learning within the school.

I am committed to the school being at the heart of the community, and the school of choice on the Hamble Peninsular. I firmly believe the school can become an outstanding educational establishment and am committed to supporting the staff and Leadership Team in its journey to achieve this goal.

Currently: Link Governor for Physical Education and Health & Safety.

Chris Tickner – Co-opted Governor

Chris TicknerRetired IBM Development Program Manager, 20 years as a Justice of the Peace in Southampton.

I have been on the Board of Governors for 35 years. In this time I have seen many changes at the school, the Community use of the site and the Governing Body. My roles during this time have been as a Governor, Vice Chair and Chair of the Governing Body and currently I chair the Community Management Committee.

I have actively worked to develop the school site as a hub for the community on the peninsular. During my time as Chair of Governors, I oversaw the development of the Sports Facilities, namely the Sports Centre and attached state of the art Gymnasium, and continue to develop its facilities and the opportunities it provides for community use.

Currently I am link Governor for Science, Technology, Pupil Premium/Disadvantaged Students and Year 7 Catch Up Premium.

Brenda Bax – Co-opted Governor

Brenda BaxI was elected onto the board of Governors in September 2014 and am enjoying the challenge of learning about the education system and Governor’s role.

I do not have an educational background, but have well-formed views on education, and would encourage a healthy balance between pastoral care and academic achievement. I understand that all children have different talents and abilities that should be recognised by their peers and teachers.

As a link governor for English, I aim to act as the link and liaison between the governing body and the English Department acting as support and a source of information to both.

I am a full time Practice Manager at a Dental Practice, and a Division Commissioner of Girl Guiding in the area. I have three adult children and a very supportive and patient husband who are all used to my busy volunteering social life.

Currently: Link Governor for English and Media and SMSC/British Values.

Kelly Robinson – Co-opted Governor

Kelly RobinsonI was appointed parent governor in December 2012 at which time I had a son in year 7 and a daughter in year 9 at the school. I became a Co-opted Governor in 2017.

I am committed to inclusive education and continue to contribute towards school improvement, with the aim of ensuring every student reaches their full potential both academically and socially. I have a particular interest in governance, and work hard in providing both challenge and support to the leaders of The Hamble School.

I am currently Assistant Business Manager of a secondary school and my background is in charity accountancy and governance. I utilise the skills and experience from my career to benefit the school and support the leadership team in setting financial plans that support the school improvement plan.

My interests include horse riding and kayaking and I spend time helping Hamble Sea Scouts fundraise for their equipment and activities.

Currently: Modern Foreign Languages, Safeguarding/Child Protection/PREVENT.

Debbie Sinclair – Co-opted Governor

Debbie SinclairI was appointed as a parent governor in January 2013 and in 2017 became a Co-opted Governor, having been encouraged to so by my employer, Royal Bank of Scotland, which actively supports community involvement and by my desire to ensure that the best opportunities are given to all children whatever  their abilities.

Prior to this I was Chair of Bursledon PTA so have some understanding of the challenges schools see on a daily basis, especially with funding and parental involvement.

Currently: Linked Governor for Performing Arts (including Art, Drama and Music) and Behaviour & Student Welfare.

Paul Isaacs – Co-opted Governor

Paul Issacs

I am retired teacher. I have experience of teaching in single sex and co-ed schools. The last 27 years of my career was at Regents Park School in Southampton. I started teaching in 1979 and have been a Subject Leader for History, Subject Leader for Humanities and an Advanced Skills Teacher. The AST role led me support teachers across subjects and across a range of Secondary and Primary schools in Southampton. This Teaching and Learning role complemented my leadership of EAL provision at Regents Park. For 24 years I also worked as a part time Youth Worker focussing on both centre-based, detached and DoE work.

My experience of The Hamble School

A close friend, now deceased, worked at The Hamble School for many years and her son attended the school. I have nieces who live in Netley Abbey who also attended the school. My work as a PT Youth Worker occasionally brought me into contact with the youth provision on the school campus.

Currently: Linked Governor for Humanities, Teaching & Learning, CPD, Able, Gifted and Talented/High Flyers.

Sarah Lomas – Parent Governor

Sarah LomasI was elected onto the board of governors in May 2016.

I have worked in marketing for 17 years, firstly in a large corporate business and for the last 10 years in charity marketing in the arts. I was PTA secretary for 4 years at my children’s junior school.

The school is important to the local area and community, I want it to be a school of choice, where families are proud to have a child learning here and children are becoming the best they can be before they are turned out into the adult world.

Currently: Linked Governor for PSHCRE, Anti-bullying, School Policy on Homophobia, Racism, Sexual Exploitation, Radicalism and Extremism, Training Lead.

Sarah Jane Back - Parent Governor

Sarah Jane BackI joined the team as a parent governor in 2017, with significant encouragement from family and my employer, an environmental consultancy. Working in a highly regulated sector is familiar to me, as are the complex challenges this can present.

My daughter is a student at the school, and I am convinced that it was the right choice to enable her to enjoy secondary education whilst maximizing her learning opportunities.

I am proud to join the existing governors to better strategically support the new, robust leadership team.

Currently: Linked Governor for Science and CEIAG.

Pecuniary Interests Register for Governors 2018/2019

Sarah-Jane Back11/09/18
Brenda Bax11/09/18
Gary Camfield11/09/18Employed at Property Services, Hampshire County Council
Alaric Govan11/09/18Headteacher
Nigel Groves11/09/18
Paul Isaacs11/09/18
Sarah Lomas11/09/18
Kelly Robinson11/09/18Employed at Thornden School
Debbie Sinclair11/09/18
Chris Tickner11/09/18