Design & Technology

Mr S Homewood

Director of Learning
Design & Technology

Mr C Ralls

Asst Director of Learning
Design & Technology

Mrs N Emmett-Callaghan

Teacher & Head of Year 8
Design & Technology

Mrs S Bone

Teacher & Head of Year 7
Design & Technology

Miss F Mawson

Teacher of Technology



Design and Technology is important to the creativity, culture, sustainability, wealth and well-being of the global community. This is a subject that enables students to explore and solve different design issues by using a combination of research, designing, planning and making and evaluating skills. The Technology department has a wide range of specialist modern workshops as well as a Food preparation workshop. Students have access to the latest in CAD/CAM technology including 3D printing and an embroidery machine, as well as a CNC router, laser cutter and a CAMM 1. Students are encouraged to work outside of their comfort zone and explore their creativity and innovation

KS3 Overview

In year 7 and 8 students will stay with their class teacher and complete a series of exciting material topics including Food and Nutrition. At the end of year 8 students will then take their KS4 options which would include Design Technology, Engineering and Food.

Technology is an ever evolving subject and therefore new and exciting opportunities are taken to explore topics such as smart materials, systems and control, bio mimicry and nanotechnology to name but a few.

Through this, students develop an independent learning ethos, enabling them to take on design risks and helping them to become resourceful, innovative and enterprising.

Year 7

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Year 7 - KS3 Overview

Year 8

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Year 8 - KS3 Overview

KS4 Overview

In order that students are given the best possible preparation for further and higher education, and for employment they are able to select to study from the following level 2 technology subjects.

GCSE Design Technology, GCSE Food Technology Btec Engineering. The content of the Technology course emphasises the iterative design processes that all students should understand and be able to demonstrate and which is at the core of contemporary practice. Students are encouraged to be creative and take ‘risks’ with their design ideas. There is emphasis on students creating a quality research and design folder that supports the realisation of their final prototype product. Students will sit an external exam in the summer term of Year 11 which stands at 50% towards their GCSE grade, the coursework is worth the other 50% toward the final GCSE grade.

BTEC Engineering is a Level 2 course where students investigate and research within the world of Engineering. Year 9 is a foundation based year where students have the opportunity to design and make a range of engineering products and develop their analytical skills. Students will sit an external exam normally completed online for their BTEC.

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Key Stage 4 Overview

Revision Guides

  • AQA new GCSE Specification for Food and Design Technology. Avaiable to buy.
  • Resistant Materials – AQA revision guides. Avaiable to buy.
  • Graphics – AQA revision guides. Avaiable to buy.
  • Construction – Produced in house.
  • Product Design – AQA revision guides. Avaiable to buy.
  • Engineering BTEC – Peasorns revision guide. Avaiable to buy.
  • Textiles – AQA revision guides. Avaiable to buy.

Useful Websites

Career Opportunities

  • Within Food
  • Health Care and Nutrition
  • Medicine
  • Dietician
  • Hospitality and Food
  • Child care
Having a GCSE in technology will enable you to take this subject to both A-level, level 3 and beyond. There are many careers within the technology industry including:
  • Graphic designer
  • Model making
  • Product designer
  • CAD and CAM Designer/Consultant
  • Design consultancy
  • Design researchers
  • Design managers
  • Carpentry and joinery, Shipbuilding and Boatbuilding, Marine Engineering, Plumbing, Cabinet making, Joiner
  • Construction, Civil Engineering, Fashion Designer
  • Fashion Journalist
  • Costume Designer
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Careers with in Fashion Retail
  • Illustrator
  • Textile/print designer