Mrs S Ballanger

Teacher of Drama & Head of Year 7

Mrs A Bowman

Head of Creative & Performing Arts



Drama at Hamble is taught at both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. In Key Stage 3 students will have two lessons over their two week timetable. Students at Key Stage 4 follow the AQA GCSE Specification and have five lessons over the two week timetable.

At the Hamble School we take pride in our drama provision. We teach high quality lessons that develop essential drama skills. We aim to produce high standards of achievement. This is encouraged by unlocking the creativity of learners through our Drama provision. We believe in the power of the subject to help build students social and communication skills which will help each student with their personal development. Students are taught in a purpose built Drama Studio with Lighting and Sound Equipment. We are extremely proud of the high quality provision of the Drama Department.

KS3 Overview

Students in Key Stage Three Drama are taught a range of Drama styles, skills and techniques with the aim to use this first year to develop a basic understanding of stagecraft and performance appreciation. In addition to this students will be exploring a range of essential key performance skills focussed on how to create and perform a character.   Particular focus is placed upon the development of self-confidence, communication and group work skills. An integral part of the course is about developing the ability to thoughtfully and skilfully analyse and evaluate performance work using key subject vocabulary. Students will explore a wide range of stimuli as a basis of their learning in Drama.

Homework is mostly set around preparation for performance pieces where students are expected to attend extra rehearsals and source props, costumes or other elements to enhance their performance piece. Written homework will also be set at various points in the year.

Curriculum Map:

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Key Stage Three Overview - Curriculum Map

KS4 Overview

At Key Stage Four students follow the AQA GCSE Drama specification this is graded using the numerical 1-9 system. The GCSE is taught over the three years. In Year 9 students will continue to build upon their knowledge and understanding of theatrical style and stagecraft. Students will continue to focus on their performance skills and deepen their understanding of stagecraft and theatrical styles. Students will undertake different performance base assessments throughout the three years and two of these performance pieces will be submitted as part of the student’s final GCSE grade classification.

For the GCSE there is an end of year written exam; the written exam is worth 40% of the final GCSE classification. The first section of the exam focusses on students analysing and evaluating a set text. Students will be expected to analyse an unseen extract from the set text and critically analyse and evaluate how they would perform the given extract. Furthermore, students will also be expected to recall a production they have watched and critically evaluate the performance giving consideration for the impact created on the audience.

Homework throughout Key Stage Four: The types of homework will differ throughout the three years. Whilst students are working on a performance based unit there is a requirement for the students to attend a guided one hour extra rehearsal. For the devised unit students will be required to maintain a devising log evaluating their creative processes and evaluate their project. For the exam preparation students will be given extended written task assignments.

Curriculum Map:

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Key Stage Four Overview - Curriculum Map

Revision Guides

  • Drama (BTEC). No revision guide resources given to students.

Useful websites

Career Opportunities

Of course if you love the arts and acting then drama is right for you but what if you want a different career? Did you know that 70% of Oxbridge undergraduates have experience or qualifications in Drama, Dance or Music?

Possible Career Choices:

  • Any role within the performing arts industry
  • TV or Film Work
  • Lawyer
  • Doctor
  • Management Positions
  • Social Work
  • Journalism
  • Drama Therapist
  • Teacher
  • Writer
  • Multimedia Industries
  • Entertainment Business
  • Secretarial or Administrative Roles