Pastoral Care

The Hamble School takes great pride in the high standard of pastoral care that is provided for its students. Our philosophy places considerable importance on ensuring that students are in a positive learning environment, enjoy coming to school, love the challenge of learning, are resilient and participate fully in school life.

The aim of pastoral care at The Hamble School is to ensure that all students are supported and encouraged in both their academic and personal development. This is achieved by a highly effective structure led by a Year Leader for each year group with a team of tutors. Each tutor has responsibility for a tutor group he or she sees every day. Tutor groups follow a structured tutor programme developing numeracy, literacy and other important skills. Additionally the tutor reviews behaviour and attendance with the students in the group. Over the course of their time at The Hamble School students develop a strong bond with their tutor. Each of the Year Leaders and Year Groups is monitored by a member of the Leadership Team in the school.

The pastoral structure is further underpinned by the work of our Inclusion Manager and Inclusion Team, Medical Officer, Attendance Officer, School Counsellor and the Assistant Headteacher responsible for all pastoral matters. The staff who comprise this specialist team are highly trained and experienced. They are dedicated to the care and support of students and work both proactively and reactively to ensure that all students get the best learning experience possible.

In March 2017, Ofsted inspectors found:
“Pupils’ emotional well-being and safety are high priorities at the school.”
“Pupils say they feel safe in school and feel confident about talking to their teachers if they have any problems.”
“…pupils have a range of opportunities to take responsibility and develop their leadership skills.”
“…incidents of bullying are increasingly rare.”
“Pupils are polite and respectful to their teachers, to visitors and to each other.”
“Behaviour in lessons is consistently good…”

Student Personal Development, Behaviour & Well-Being Team

Teresa Westcott-Hayes

Mrs T Westcott-Hayes
Senior Deputy Headteacher
Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss S Penningtron

Miss S Pennington
Assistant Headteacher
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Jackie Grinsell

Ms J Grinsell
Inclusion Manager
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Helen Winter

Mrs H Loveday
Head of Year 11
Religious Studies Teacher
Subject Leader Child Development
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss V Georgiou

Miss V Georgiou
Head of Year 10
Subject Leader Media

Natalie Nolan

Ms N Emmett
Head of Year 9
Technology Teacher and Website Co-ordinator

Sally Bone

Mrs S Bone
Acting Head of Year 8
Food Preparation & Nutrition Teacher

Samantha Ballanger

Mrs S Ballanger
Head of Year 7
Transition Co-ordinator
Subject Leader Drama
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Jessica Muddle

Mrs J Muddle
Assistant Head of Year 8
Teacher of English

Lorraine Barkshire

Mrs L Barkshire
Assistant Head of Year 11
Teacher of English

Trish Wheeler

Mrs T Wheeler
Inclusion Team & ELSA
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Assistant Head of Year 10

Cheryl Catterall

Mrs C Catterall
Admissions Officer

Hayley West

Miss H West
Attendance Officer & Pastoral Support Worker

Mike Skinner

Mr M Skinner
Inclusion Team & Behaviour for Learning

Christine Pengelly

Ms C Pengelly
Student Welfare Officer

Nicole Barton

Mrs N Barton
Pastoral Team Admin Assistant