Prefects 2016/17

Head Boy & Girl

Students in Year 11 who are successful in their application to become a prefect then have the opportunity to apply for the position of Head Boy and Head Girl; these roles also have deputy positions. The aim of the Head Boy/Girl team is to not only fulfil the role of a prefect but to fulfil the additional criteria of Leadership Qualities, Communication Skills and Responsibility.

The Head Boy and Head Girl will carry out additional duties with reference to the organisation of the Prom, the giving of the Vote of Thanks at the Year 11 Presentation of Certificates Evening, work with the School Council and report to senior staff in the school and the general management of their fellow prefects. They will undertake any other duties at the discretion of the Headteacher.

Congratulations to the Head and Deputy Head Boy and Girl who were appointed after a rigorous application process.
  • Oliver Phillips – Head Boy (2nd from left)
  • Holly Powell – Head Girl (3rd from left)
  • Matthew Minns-White – Deputy Head Boy (1st from left)
  • Georgia Hanley – Deputy Head Girl (4th from left)

The Hamble School appoints Prefects and Junior Prefects each year to undertake various roles and responsibilities around the school, both during the school day and at extra-curricular events. This is a perfect role for students in Years 10 and 11 who want to take on extra responsibility, extend their experience and provide themselves with opportunities which will support their applications to college, university and work.

The application process is clear and formal, and The Hamble School Prefects are expected to establish and maintain the highest standards of behaviour and attitude at all times, providing a positive role model for other students across the school.

Have you got what it takes to be a Hamble Prefect?

Expectations of Prefects:

  • Prefects are to set an example at ALL times.
  • They are ROLE MODELS to the rest of the school.
  • Therefore they must uphold the HIGHEST standards at all times – including uniform, adherence to school rules, effort, attendance, punctuality, attitude, respect, manners, motivation to work.

House Captains


  • Hannah Buckley & Amber Parker


  • Ajay White & Carly Jordan


  • Joseph White & Emily Wyatt


  • Kaya Finch & Luke Haddock

Student Voice

  • Captain – Marcie Russell
  • Deputy – Rebecca Woodward

Sports Captains

  • Aaidan Neal
  • Rose Kite

Charity Captains

  • Lottie Ash
  • Louise Hooper

Prom Committee

  • Aaidan Neal
  • Abbie O’Rourke
  • Jade Appleby
  • Ellie Brown
  • Grace Cutler
  • Rose Kite
  • Ollie Phillips
  • Ajay White


Following discussions between your tutors, year leaders and senior staff the following year 11 students have been selected to become Senior Prefects for the academic Year 2016 – 2017.

Senior Prefects

  • Jade Appleby
  • Joy Arding-Doyle
  • Connor Arnold
  • Sonny Ash
  • Amber Brooks
  • Ellie Brown
  • George Brown
  • Jasmine Charles-Smith
  • Emily Clark
  • Grace Cutler
  • Bethan Davies
  • Molly Hallett
  • Izzy Harris
  • Stephanie Harrison
  • Abigail Hooper
  • Bradley Johnson
  • Hannah Kelly
  • Elyse Marshall
  • Megan Matthews
  • Cameron Moore
  • Chloe Mundee
  • Hallie Neale
  • Abbie O’Rourke
  • Daniel Paxford
  • Bethany Philpott
  • Poli Sinclair
  • Bradley Skelton
  • Ehlana Spindloe
  • Sophie Yeomans
  • Olivia Ault-Wolesley


Following discussions between your tutors, year leaders and senior staff the following year 10 students have been selected to become Junior Prefects for the academic Year 2016 – 2017.

Junior Prefects

  • Louise Allen
  • Kane Atkinson
  • Abigail Aveson
  • Alfie Baxter
  • Ella Beattie-Edwards
  • Abi Bowens
  • Brooke Brett
  • Luca Burdon
  • Georgie Burton
  • Joe Cann
  • Charlotte Captain
  • Izzy Challice
  • Jake Clothier
  • Ryan Collett
  • Grace Collins
  • Gemma Elliott
  • Ralf Fetherstonhaugh
  • Aaron Gale
  • Chloe Graham
  • Jess Griffiths
  • Jimmy Gunn
  • Ben Harris
  • Alex Hamel
  • Megan Hance
  • Jena Hinto
  • Sarah Hewlett
  • Beth Jobbins
  • Harry Jobbins
  • Bradley Knights
  • Holly Le Fur
  • Aaron Lennard
  • Justyn McKenna
  • Laura McManus
  • Molly Moore
  • Jasmine Mould
  • Florence Murphy
  • Imlah Ndabala
  • Sally Neale
  • Felicity Neile
  • Isaac Paul
  • Holly Pannell
  • Jess Parslow
  • Jade Phipps
  • Jasmine Pickering
  • Katie Potticary
  • Xavier Purcell
  • Xenia Purcell
  • Tala Soharbi
  • Holly Quinn
  • Chelsea Reed
  • Lucie Russell
  • Xantaya Rowsell
  • Jake Spanner
  • Jade Stephens
  • Amber Stonehouse
  • Rachel Tew
  • Hannah Thompson
  • Luke Turl
  • Chloe Watts
  • Isabelle Witcher
  • Amy Whittle-Dowd
  • Toby Wilkinson
  • Holly Williams
  • Amber Rose Williams