Preparing for the Future

In response to student feedback last term, the recent PSHCRE days have been focussed around the future, with a particular focus on careers. The Year 9 PSHCRE Day on 8 February was entitled ‘Realising My Potential’. Students took part in a ‘Learning Performance’ workshop which helped them explore how we learn, developed strategies to revise and focussed on preparation for exams using the power of creativity and imaginations. The students went away with a ‘tool kit’ of ideas which will support them to realise their potential in the future. In the next session we were very pleased to welcome John Dennis to the school. John provided an inspirational talk on his mental health journey to the South Pole. He shared his own experiences and gave students an insight into how he has coped with mental health problems. The final session of the day was focussed around careers. Students listened to careers advisors and explored the key question ‘What do I need to do to achieve my dreams?’

The Year 10 PSHCRE Day on 9 February was entitled ‘Life Beyond The Hamble School’. In the morning students listened to a number visitors who work in STEAM industries (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths). The speakers came from a range of careers, including accountancy, medicine, astrophysics and structural engineering. They all talked about their jobs and career pathways. The Year 10 students also had the opportunity to listen to John Dennis sharing his mental health issues and inspire with his stories about his expedition to the South Pole. Finally, students spent two lessons preparing for Job Fest. This is an event on 13 and 14 March where students will be interviewed for ‘mock jobs’. During the PSHCRE day students prepared their CV and cover letter for this event. More details about Job Fest will be coming soon.

Overall the PSHCRE Days were a real success and a fantastic opportunity for students to reflect on their future.

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