Prefects 2017-18

On Thursday 8th June 2017 Miss Winter, Miss Pennington, Miss Westcott-Hayes and Ms Croke had the absolute pleasure of interviewing six Year 10s for the position of Head Boy and Head Girl. It had taken quite some time to select the candidates after an incredible 30 applications. There was a real buzz in the year group on the morning of the interviews and a few anxious faces, I myself was looking forward to the day tremendously! Each candidate had been given a title of ‘What will my biggest impact be as Head Boy/Girl’ and were instructed that they would have a 15 minute interview slot.

Tom Holland began the interviews and spoke confidently regarding his ideas on how he would be a role model to the younger year groups and encourage them to take the many opportunities they would be offered throughout the year. Oscar Davis spoke clearly about his vision for the school in terms of being more eco-friendly and students taking pride in our school site. The Head Boy interviews were concluded with Alfie Baxter who shared his thoughts on how he would unite the different year groups and be a clear voice for the student body.

The interviews for the girls began with Holly Williams who spoke eloquently on her ideas of how to ensure that all students are safe in school and how we can ensure a smooth transition process for our year 6 students. Following this, Jessica Griffiths used a code cracking task to highlight her ideas on how she intends to bring the prefect team, the year groups and the school community together as a team through effective communication. The Head Girl interviews concluded with Jade Stephens who detailed her vision for wanting to make a difference to all year groups and lead Year 11 as they head ever closer to their final GCSE exams.

Following the presentations each candidate was asked 10 questions – it was a very intense interview process!

The deliberation was exceptionally difficult because all of the candidates had some great ideas as well as some very different individual strengths. It was unanimously agreed that we would like to give each of the candidates a role within the student leadership team and so the decision was made to appoint two Deputies in addition to the Head Boy and Head Girl. It was with great pleasure that we offered Alfie Baxter, Oscar Davis, Holly Williams and Jade Stephens the roles of Deputy Head Boy and Girl respectively. Tom Holland and Jessica Griffiths were appointed as Head Boy and Head Girl.

On Thursday 29th June, the team were invited to what they believed to be a meeting to discuss initial plans for the coming year. Instead, they were thrown a surprise tea party in which parents and staff attended and the students were presented with their prefect tie, leadership badge and a specially made cake! It was a wonderful opportunity to share their success with parents and staff alike.

Staff are really looking forward to working with the team and they have already been busy with meeting and greeting at the recent awards evening at St Mary’s Stadium as well as delivering assemblies to all year groups.

Miss Winter said it was a pleasure to be part of such an inspiring day and, as their Head of Year, she was truly humbled to listen to each candidate speak so confidently and passionately about their ideas for The Hamble School.