On Thursday, 27 April 2017 a group of Year 10 BTEC Art and Design students visited the CASS Sculpture Foundation near Goodwood. Having started their second BTEC unit of work, ‘Communicating ideas in 3D’, the students were keen to draw inspiration from exploring the work of other sculptors exhibited in the sculpture park.

In this project, students will be designing a sculpture that they will propose to be made by the CASS Sculpture Foundation and exhibited at the Sculpture Park. They will return to the sculpture park in July 2017 to present their drawn designs and maquettes to a panel of curators at the CASS Sculpture Foundation.

Maybe one of our student’s ideas will one day be selected and made into a sculpture to be exhibited at the CASS Sculpture Park, like so many young artists whose ideas have been made a reality by the foundation.  In fact, as the students discovered during their visit to the foundation, all of the sculptures exhibited at the CASS Sculpture Foundation started life as small scale models or maquette that the artists applied to the foundation to create full scale.

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