Swanage Trip

The Year 10 Geographers completed their fieldwork in a rather sunny Swanage in early June. This fieldwork was really important as it will help students answer the section B questions in paper 3 of their real GCSE next summer. Whilst in Dorset the students completed different tasks to ensure that they could answer key questions about hard engineering and tourism in Swanage.

The physical fieldwork required students to complete ‘groyne drops’ at ten locations along the beach. Students measured the distance from the top of the groyne to the top of the sediment, to see if the hard engineering strategy is preventing longshore drift.

The human fieldwork required students to complete a questionnaire and a land use map survey. The students asked members of the public different questions to determine why they were visiting Swanage and then classified the buildings to find out how many tourist facilities were in Swanage.

Overall, this trip was vital as it gave students first-hand experience of different fieldwork techniques; they will now be able to write about these in their exams. All students managed to gather data effectively and had an enjoyable day, for many including an ice cream! Well done Year 10, your effort and behaviour was fantastic!

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