Class of 2021

‘We are very proud of all the Year 11 students. Over the last 2 years, they have experienced year closures and lockdowns. They have had to adapt to remote learning, which has necessitated them having to develop greater independence when learning new concepts. When they came back from the last lockdown, in March, they immediately had to study for and then take a range of assessments in preparation for these GCSE results. All of this they did with great determination and humour. These excellent results are a fitting conclusion for all of this hard work and effort.

Whilst this has been a stressful time, I hope that the skills you developed continue to help you in your further studies. Good luck in the future and we look forward to you coming back to let us know how well you are doing.

We would  also like to thank all of the staff who have taught and supported the students during their five years at The Hamble School, but particularly during the Centre Assessed Grades process. Your hard work in ensuring that all students were able to demonstrate their knowledge and skills, plus the endless hours marking and moderating, is much appreciated.

Finally, we’d also like to thank the parents and carers for their ongoing support. We couldn’t do it without you’.

Mr Alaric Govan