Girls in Computing Conference - 25 May 2021
Mrs Holborow will be delivering a session at The Girls in Computing Conference on Tuesday morning. She will be delivering a session on the national picture of girls taking Computing at GCSE, how to improve engagement through curriculum planning and building self-efficacy in girls.
The conference will provide primary and secondary teachers with the following opportunities:

Keynote speakers and inspirational young women in computing and IT.

Workshops from micro:bit, Reading University, Barefoot Computing, Girl Power UK, Blue Shift Education, Raspberry Pi and many more.

Q&A panels with inspirational women in technology.

New CAS in a Box sessions covering the national picture, reach, engagement and building self-efficacy in girls.

Coding workshops including creative coding for KS1 and KS2, collaborative coding for KS3/4 and Isaac Computer Science workshops for A-Level teachers.

Girls in Computing Conference

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Girls in Computing