High Flyers Explore Careers with Learn with US

Fourteen of our Year 9 High Flyer students recently explored careers through the University of Southampton’s Careers Masterclass programme. Supported by university ambassadors, students received a presentation on the transferrable soft skills important for any career they choose to pursue, reflecting on and enhancing their communication skills throughout the day’s programme.

Since the visit focussed on careers, students received an inspiring talk from an acoustic engineer about his research into the impact of human activity on migration and health of fish. This led to students using their design skills to engineer a free-standing bridge strong enough to support a toy lorry using just a piece of foil paper. Our students rose to this challenge and all four groups engineered unique approaches that were all able to successfully hold the lorry without buckling under the weight.

During a working lunch, students were privileged to hear from a University of Southampton alumnus about how the degree he studied for took him in a very different direction in his life, inspiring students to consider the vast opportunities available through a university education.

The day concluded with all participating schools writing a proposal for, and designing the functionality of, a careers app for a mobile device. This culminated in students presenting their app to a panel of Dragons (in a similar guise to the television programme Dragons’ Den). Our students impressed the judges with their designs, approach, presentation and handling of questions and beat other participating schools to secure a prize each for their endeavours.

Congratulations to our students and we look forward to seeing how this experience can translate into possible futures in entrepreneurship.

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