South Africa and China

The Hamble School has a link with Ferndale School, Durban, South Africa and more recently with Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Languages Middle School, China. Trips to both countries have previously been open to students in Years 10 and 11. Further information will follow in 2019-20 on the opportunities open to students.

Ferndale School, Durban, South Africa

We first made links with Ferndale School in 2004 and we have now visited five times. Past students have described their experiences there as ‘life changing’ and ‘thought provoking’ and it is often the activity that they talk about at college and work interviews. Ferndale School is a mixed 5-18 comprehensive in a poor suburb of Durban. A lot of the students there have very little in the way of material possessions; however they form lifelong friendships with many of our students as they realise that despite their different cultures and backgrounds, they actually have a lot in common. Our 2016 trip also had a Cape Town tour added on, where students had the chance to visit Robben Island, where Nelson Mandella was imprisoned, and Table Mountain. We are fortunate to get to host Ferndale staff and students in return visits. In their most recent visit, as well as enjoying time in classes, they had the amazing opportunity to visit London and our surrounding beautiful areas. This opportunity would never be available to them without the support from our students and staff.

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Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Languages Middle School, China

The Hamble School’s first visit to Shanghai was in November 2016. The aim of the trip was to give students a phenomenal cultural experience, which will widen their knowledge of the world by giving them the opportunity to interact with other cultures through the use of different languages. This will be a fascinating topic to talk about when going for college and job interviews and will hopefully inspire our students to truly embrace their role as a global citizen. We also hosted Chinese students here in the summer, which helped to further embed this new link.

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