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At The Hamble School the History department believes that the knowledge and understanding of historical events is crucial in our understanding of who we are today. Past events shape the way our world is today and the way people live their lives. History teaches you skills to question, challenge, justify and present arguments about different historical events. To develop as a historian students will focus on both the contextual knowledge as well as the relevant skills required to analyse the events of the past.

KS3 Overview

Key Stage 3 History follows the National Curriculum in order to teach a wide spectrum of content and skills. Starting with the Roman Empire as an introduction to studying History, with a focus on the impact on Britain then leading to History from the British Isles and the world. The course will then continue with the Norman Invasion of 1066 and finishing with the impact of the Cold War. As part of their studies they will investigate local events as well as world based occurrences. Students will follow content and enquiry based learning where thinking, explaining and justifying are central to the planning of the lessons as well as the ability to write supported accounts. As students improve their knowledge and understanding of the past they will also be challenged to develop skills including chronology, change and continuity, diversity, significance, usefulness of sources and interpretation of  people, events and periods of time. Key Stage 3 will also use GCSE skills and exam questions and techniques to challenge all students to make excellent progress.

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History KS3 Overview

KS4 Overview

Key Stage 4 History follows the Edexcel examination board as part of the new GCSE initiative. Students are expected to study four units which consist of two depth studies and two overview studies, which will provide students with knowledge and understanding of different time periods in History. As part of their studies students will be required to consider the main political, military, social and cultural changes that happened through the time period being studied. Students will build upon their existing skills and will be expected to develop a detailed knowledge and understanding of the topics which will be regularly tested throughout Key Stage 4. All formal examinations will take place at the end of Year 11 in the summer term as part of their GCSE examinations.

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History KS4 Overview

Revision Guides

  • History –All produced in house. Given to students.

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Career Opportunities

GCSE History leads on to AS & A2 Level History. It works well in combination with other humanities subjects (Geography and R.S.), and English. Many students who enjoy history also study it at A Level to contrast with their main science or a language.

GCSE History helps improve literacy skills which are useful in any AS or A2 Level course which requires reading and writing. The medicine topic links well with Science courses. There are a wide variety of history and history-related courses at university.

Most people who study history to GCSE or higher level find it helps them to develop skills useful for a wide range of professional jobs such as journalism, publishing, civil service, law, police force, work in the media. Some people pursue careers which involve History directly, such as work in the Heritage industry e.g. National Trust, museum and archive work, archaeology and teaching.