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Media Studies

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Media Studies is a subject which rewards the analytical and the creative. It allows student to delve into a wide range of media forms investigating their function and purpose. Students partake in coursework, projects and set topic exams leading to two GCSEs.

Students will be able to:

  • combine practical and theoretical knowledge – particularly the value of pre-production work and production skills
  • gain a valuable insight into the way the media works
  • have the opportunity to be creative in areas that interest them like film, TV and music, for example by producing their own videos, web designs or recordings
  • analyse and understand things that they might otherwise have taken for granted, such as the packaging on DVDs or how the opening minutes of a film, radio show or game are designed to grab audience attention
  • study the focus on issues that relate to their everyday lives.

Knowledge/skills gained:

  • students develop appreciation and critical understanding of the media and its role in their daily lives
  • critical thinking and decision-making skills
  • pre-production and planning skills like storyboarding, scripting, flat plans, news selection, mock-ups and sketching
  • production skills like photography, filming, recording, editing, and desktop publishing
  • an understanding of new technologies
  • evaluation skills

KS4 Students’ Work

Guerrilla Youth Storyboard

KS4 Game Design

KS4 Student's Game Design

KS4 Overview

Year 9

In Year 9 the students are taught the skills needed to complete the media studies assignments. They still work on the same media forms they will study for GCSE, but the course in Year 9 is an opportunity to allow the students to see if they enjoy the subject and also whether they have the dedication and commitment to continue the subject to exam level.

Year 10

In Year 10 the students begin work on the four units required for their dual GCSE. The students always begin with Unit 2 which consists of three assignments. There exists a bank of subjects for these assignments from the exam board which allow the teacher to change the topic and focus each year.

For example the current Year 10 have just completed their three assignments:

  • Assignment 1- Moving Image
  • Assignment 2- Pop music promotion
  • Assignment 3- Magazine production
  • At the end of Year 10 the exam board release the set topic for Unit 4. This allows the students 6 weeks to begin to plan and prepare their portfolio.

Year 11

In Year 11 the students begin work properly on their unit 4 portfolios. They are given four months to research the topic and then design a campaign based on the given subject. This year’s topic is all about copyright theft.

The students have to put together primary and secondary research; a proposal and two media forms, i.e. a video and website ready for a presentation to the client in January. They then have to complete an evaluation on their work and presentation.

  • Once this is completed they return to their unit 2 assignments to tidy up or replace sub-standard pieces of work.
  • From March we begin work on the two exams they are expected to take. Unit 1 is a set topic released in advance. For example 2015’s topic is science fiction films.
  • The unit 4 is called “inside the media” where students research how two of the media industries function.

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Media KS4 Overview

Media KS4 Overview

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