Physical Education

Mr D Needham

Head of Physical Education
Physical Education

Miss S King

Teacher of Physical Education
Physical Education

Mr M Taylor

Teacher of Physical Education
Physical Education

Mr A Bradshaw

Teacher of PE & Science
Physical Education

Mrs J Capers

Teacher of Dance



Physical education shares the general aims of education to develop the child intellectually, socially and physically and is an integral part of the education process. Physical education aims to maximise individual development through the medium of physical activity, through participation in athletic activities, dance, games, gymnastics and outdoor and adventurous activities. It develops artistic understanding and helps to establish self-esteem through the development of physical confidence. It also helps students to cope with both success and failure in competitive and co-operative physical activities.

Physical education contributes to the development of problem solving and interpersonal skills which is achieved through the contribution of physical activity and the mental processes of making decisions, selecting, refining, judging, shaping, adjusting and adapting. Physical education also develops qualities of commitment, integrity, fairness and enthusiasm and concern for quality as well as success. Core Physical Education is pivotal for the development of the whole child and the continued development of the department as a whole. The core curriculum caters for all students and allows them to study up to 12 different sports every academic year in the hope that they will select one or two to continue long after they leave school.

KS3 Overview

We take pride in the breadth of our curriculum during Years 7 and 8 where all of our students can experience, enjoy and make progress in our unique subject.

Students receive four lessons of PE a fortnight in an environment of truly outstanding facilities partnered with a team of experienced and dedicated teachers who are passionate about PE and school sport.

Following a baseline assessment during the first half-term in Year 7, students are grouped according to their preferred learning style in order to maximise their progress.

As well as participating in an impressive variety of topics, students in PE are able to experience a range of roles; these include player / performer, coach and official. This aspect ensures that we have 100% of students involved in every single lesson and means that there really is something for everyone in PE.

PE - Gymnastics

Year 7

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Physical Education – KS3 Overview (Year 7)

Year 8

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Physical Education – KS3 Overview (Year 8)

KS4 Overview

All Year 9,10 and 11 pupils will have at least one hour a week core PE, in this time pupils will be able to extend the skills they have developed in KS3 with added sporting activities. Pupils will have the opportunity to use the school’s multi gym during lesson times and after school. Pupils will have a variety of sporting activities and they will continue to develop their skills with the emphasis of students becoming lifelong learners of PE and sport.
Sports students will have an opportunity to select the following sports during their core PE time:
Fitness Football Handball
Gymnastics Rugby Athletics
Badminton Hockey Rounders
Basketball Netball Tennis
Students will have an opportunity to study GCSE PE, or a vocational option (such as BTEC Sport or VCERT Sport). Within these specification students will study; applied anatomy and physiology; movement analysis; physical training; health, fitness and wellbeing; sport psychology; socio-cultural influences.

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PE KS4 Overview

Revision Guides

  • PE GCSE – Edexcel Revision guide. Given to students.
  • PE BTEC– Revise BTEC Sport. Given to students.

Useful Websites

Career Opportunities

Students can progress onto A-Level PE; Level 3 BTEC Sport or an equivalent course. Students can then progress onto a career in:
  • Fitness instructor
  • Sport Science
  • Physiotherapy
  • Public Services
  • Professional sportsperson
  • Sports coach/consultant
  • Sports policy at local and national level
  • Diet and fitness instructor
  • Personal trainer