Mrs M Sargent

Teaching & Learning Lead



We consider the personal development work students do in PSHCRE & Citizenship lessons and across the curriculum to be key in promoting social and moral development as well as in developing emotional literacy and cultural development. Students develop their ability to work in teams and learn to value their own contributions further as a team member and within the group. The subject offers the student the opportunity to critically appraise their own role in their family, friendships, community and when to look at their place in the wider world. They learn to discuss sensitive issues and to evaluate how they arrive at their ideas about the world, analysing their own and other peoples’ opinions. Time is taken to allow the students to discuss issues in an open class forum, using structured discussion and with feedback, debate and often with healthy disagreement between the students!

Students are taught by a dedicated PSHCRE teacher from year 7 to year 11 on a one lesson per fortnight basis.

Key Stage 3 overview

Of primary importance in this programme is to encourage students to make safe and informed choices in their behaviour and actions, and to know the possible consequences of actions so they can make healthy and informed choices. They examine their values and ethics so they can start analysing how to begin to make wise and healthy life choices. The subject matter and delivery allows reflection and carefully and sensitively managed discussion of a wide range of issues.

Students follow the statutory national guidelines for Citizenship and non-statutory PSHCRE guidelines. To illustrate understanding and provide assessment opportunities students are assessed in a variety of imaginative ways making use of drama and movie making opportunities as well as more conventional self and peer-assessment techniques.

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KS3 PSHCRE overview

Key Stage 4 overview

This unit aims to introduce students to wider conceptual enquiry on topics and issues linked to life in the 21st century. Students do not currently receive accreditation for this course and this enables students and their teachers to explore important issues without the restrictions of examination deadlines, at a pace which suits each group; to help them scrutinise carefully issues such as risk taking and staying safe within today’s world, how to make a good decision and what it means to take responsibility for one’s health and wellbeing. Personal, spiritual and moral development as well as personal, social, health education, work-related learning, enterprise, financial education, and citizenship are all delivered through our PSHCRE course which is delivered on a one lesson a fortnight basis during years 9, 10 and 11.

Students also participate in three PSHCRE days per year, in which they spend a day focusing on issues such as health and wellbeing, sex education, careers and citizenship.  These days are often led by a group of external speakers who give up their time to support our students in developing their understanding of the PSHCRE curriculum.

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KS4 PSHCRE overview