Marwell Booster Weekend 2019

What better way to boost students’ grades than a rainy February weekend out at Marwell Activity Centre?

Over the final weekend before half term, 40 students joined members of the Maths, English, Science and Year 11 pastoral teams for an action-packed weekend at Marwell Activity Centre. All three core subjects joined together for the first time to offer students bespoke revision sessions in their subjects just before the PPE exams. Students worked extremely hard in order to boost their grades across these subjects through small group, targeted intervention sessions. But it was not all work and no play! The students and staff also took part in a range of activities over the weekend, from zip wiring, to rifle shooting, archery and the giant swing. After working so hard, and having such an early start on a Saturday, the teams relaxed with a fish and chip dinner and a movie night.

The students were phenomenal – they worked so hard in their sessions and extended themselves way beyond their comfort zones during the activities. Students themselves spoke extremely highly of their experiences as a group over the weekend, with many asking for an extra night on their feedback forms!

A huge thank you again to all of the staff who contributed to the successful running of the weekend. From the office staff’s help in the planning and preparation stages, to the dedicated teachers who planned and delivered sessions over the weekend, to the incredible team who were there all weekend, (including overnight). It was a real team effort. Team Hamble, staff and students, really are amazing.

We would like to wish the Marwell weekend team, and all of year 11, Good Luck in their PPE exam results. Keep up the hard work Year 11!