~ Preferences information for 2022 will be available from January 2022 ~

Preferences 2021

Welcome to Year 8 Preferences 2021

At The Hamble School, we are determined to offer each and every student a curriculum that suits their individual needs, while complying with national recommendations and guidelines.  We are proud to offer a range of courses covering many subject areas. Over the past few years the government has introduced the concept of the ‘English Baccalaureate’ (EBacc).  The EBacc is not a qualification in its own right. It is a combination of academic subjects that the government wants to encourage more students to take.  The EBacc consists of: English, Maths, Science, a Language, History or Geography.

The government has set targets for 75% of students to take the EBacc by 2022 increasing to 90% by 2025. However, we appreciate that EBacc is not the correct route for everyone and some students would prefer more scope to study creative and practical subjects. Therefore, we will be allocating students onto one of two pathways. Pathway A will be for students who will study the full EBacc suite of subjects. For students on Pathway B they will have the same choice of subjects but it will not be compulsory to study a Language. The email sent home with the preference form will indicate which pathway your child is on.

For those of you that have older children in the school, you will recognise that the curriculum in Year 9 and the preference process will look slightly different. In summary, your child will continue with their studies in English, Maths, Science, Core PE and PSHCRE. They will also choose 6 additional subjects to study in Year 9. At the end of Year 9, they will then choose 4 of these to carry on at GCSE/BTEC level in Year 10 and 11.

Students on Pathway A will study a language and either History or Geography in addition to 4 subjects from the list below. Students of Pathway B will study either History or Geography and 5 subjects from the list below.

Art/Photography Geography
Business Studies History
Computer Science Media Studies
Dance Music
Design Technology/Engineering PE
Drama RE
Food Preparation and Nutrition Spanish

At the end of Year 9, if students choose to continue to study Design Technology/Engineering, they will be able to select to specialise in Design Technology GCSE or Engineering BTEC in Year 10 and 11. Likewise if students studied Art/Photography in Year 9 and choose to continue they will specialise in either Art or Photography.

For some subjects, in Year 10 and 11 they will study either a BTEC or GCSE qualification. Heads of department will decide on the most appropriate qualification route in consultation with your son/daughter. These subjects include; Art and P.E.

In terms of allocation of periods, students will follow the following model:

Subject Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
English 7 9 9
Maths 8 8 9
Science 7 9 8
Preferences  6 subjects of 4 periods 4 subjects of 5 periods 4 subjects of 5 periods
PE 3 3 3
PSHRE 1 1 1

An email will be sent home on the 19th March which will indicate which pathway your child will be on and will include a Microsoft form for your child to complete with their choices.

Key Dates

Over the coming weeks your child and yourselves will have the opportunity to access the following in order to support decisions about preference choices:

Preferences webpage 5 March Explore the webpage to understand the preference process and watch videos from each department which provide outlines of the courses they offer.
Preference Assembly 12 March Mrs Morgan will run an assembly for students guiding them through their choices.
Tutor session w/b 15 March

Tutors will deliver sessions to support students on:

Thinking about their futures

Making choices

Growth and vision

Preference Q and A session 18 March Opportunity for parents to join Mrs Morgan to ask questions about the process. A sign up and link to this event will be emailed nearer the date.
Preference form and pathway information emailed home 19 March  
Deadline for preference form submission 2 April  
Confirmation of subject allocations June Letter sent home confirming subject allocations

It is important at this stage in their education, that students choose a broad and balanced curriculum which will keep many doors open for their future lives, careers and further education pathways.

When making their choices, we would encourage students to consider the following questions:

  • What am I good at already?
  • What do I want to be?
  • Who do I want to be?
  • What will motivate and excite me for three years?
  • What will help me take the next steps in my life?

We always try our best to give students their first choices but if more pupils opt for a course than there are places available, if not enough pupils opt for a course and therefore we cannot afford to run it or if in our opinion, students have made an inappropriate or unwise choice then we will be unable to give them these choices. In this case students will be spoken to on an individual bases and support to make alternative choices will be provided.

Subjects to choose from

Take a look at the following videos or download a version in PowerPoint and watch the presentation to find out more about the subjects your child is interested in:

(Compulsory Subject)
Subject Overview

(Compulsory Subject)
Subject Overview

Subject Overview

Subject Overview

Subject Overview

Subject Overview

Subject Overview

Subject Overview

Subject Overview

(Compulsory Subject)
Subject Overview


Subject Overview

Subject Overview

Subject Overview

Subject Overview

Subject Overview

Subject Overview

Subject Overview

Subjects - PowerPoint Presentations

Please download and view the subject you are interested in choosing:

DescriptionFile SizeDownload
Art and Photography - Subject Overview8.4 MBDownload
BTEC Dance - Subject Overview13.5 MBDownload
Business Studies - Subject Overview8.1 MBDownload
Computer Science - Subject Overview8.6 MBDownload
Design Technology and Engineering - Subject Overview9.5 MBDownload
English - Subject Overview4.2 MBDownload
Food Preparation and Nutrition - Subject Overview5.8 MBDownload
Geography - Subject Overview8.8 MBDownload
History - Subject Overview13.0 MBDownload
Mathematics - Subject Overview7.4 MBDownload
Media Studies - Subject Overview1.1 MBDownload
MFL - Subject Overview1.9 MBDownload
Music - Subject Overview11.6 MBDownload
PE - Subject Overview9.0 MBDownload
RE - Subject Overview7.5 MBDownload
Science - Subject Overview9.3 MBDownload
Drama-Subject-Overview16.4 MBDownload

How to make your choice

How to make your choice

Year 8 Preference Process

For more information please read the following letter –

Preferences Assembly – 12 March 2021