Stock Market Challenge

On Tuesday, 12 June, Mrs Brunink took two teams of five students to Southampton University to compete in the Stock Market Challenge. When they arrived, they had to decide on the roles that they would adopt; Media Analyst, Investment Analyst, Financial Analyst and two Floor Traders. Once they had decided, the frantic world of stock market trading began!

They traded their way through a fast-paced ‘week’ where they had to watch the monitors to see whether the value of their stocks and shares increased or declined, consider what was happening in the media to decide if this would have an impact on their companies and take an ethical stance if they felt companies were being immoral or corrupt.

At the end of their week of trading, the value of their investments was calculated and they worked out their profit. I’m pleased to say that both teams made a similar profit of over £10000. Special mention should also go to Lucy Hunns who came third with her Ethical Reasoning document, explaining why they made their decisions to buy and sell.

The skills that the students used throughout this task are so vital for their futures; making decisions under pressure, working as a team, looking at the world around them and how it influences their decisions.

The students really enjoyed the challenge – it was fantastic to see them thrive under pressure, even if one student did say “Miss, I think I’m going to have grey hair by the end! It’s so stressful!”

A fantastic day with wonderful students who represented the school admirably.

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