Summer School 2021

In summer school this year we had lots of fun learning sign language, tye-dying, making spaghetti towers and making paper aeroplanes. These were judged on flying ability, acrobatics, aesthetics and innovation.

Summer School costings:

Item Cost
Staffing (Teachers/TA/Ex-students) £15,382.13
DBS checks for ex-students £88.00
Food for students £451.91
Bottles of water £116.40
Hamble equipment (bags/notebooks/water bottles/pens) £864.60
County supplies – resources for activities £216.10
Amazon/other orders – resources for activities £800.93
Calculators £107.90
Petty Cash £20


Timetable – Monday: Download (JPEG)

Timetable – Tuesday: Download (JPEG)

Timetable – Wednesday: Download (JPEG)

Timetable – Thursday: Download (JPEG)

Timetable – Friday: Download (JPEG)

Gallery of Summer School Activities 2021

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