University of Southampton Christmas Lecture

On Wednesday 12th December, twelve Year 8 students attended the University of Southampton Christmas Lecture: an interactive and exciting afternoon show occurring annually during December.

The students took part in a 30-minute lecture on how Chemistry and Biology can help to shape our future and address some of the major challenges that face us, such as climate change, pollution and over-population.

This was followed by a series of dramatic demonstrations by a professional Science performer. Students got to see the effects of liquid nitrogen on a number of everyday objects, this included smashing flowers, rubber tubing and bananas as they were instantly frozen solid. We saw some fantastically colourful chemical reactions, with powders changing not only in volume but in colour, from a burnt orange to British racing green. We saw the potential hazards of using hydrogen as a fuel source and the explosions that can be produced when it is exposed to flame. We saw a pickle being electrocuted to give out light and even a flying pig.

The event was a huge success with the students speaking of their excitement to continue to study Science at GCSE level and beyond.