This week has been all about our school values of ‘learning’, ‘high aspirations’ and ‘community’.

We truly believe in the importance of being ‘lifelong learners’ and that includes our staff too. Every Monday after school teachers and support staff engage in Continued Professional Development (CPD). This week we focused on sharing teaching and learning strategies and there was a real ‘buzz’ in the hall as staff discussed ideas which work in their subject. This collaboration and working together helps to achieve our vision of having an excellent teacher in every classroom.

On Thursday we welcomed Year 9 parents/ carers to our first ‘in-person’ Parents’ Evening for over two years. It was lovely to see so many attending and be able to work with you to support your child’s development. Thank you for the wonderful feedback too; there were so many comments thanking staff.

Miss Cambridge (Deputy Headteacher) has been delivering assemblies all week focused on ‘high aspirations’, but perhaps the most important one this week was on Friday when we said ‘Good Luck’ to our Year 11 students. The main GCSE exams start on Monday – We handed out some fantastic letters from parents/ carers to the Year 11 students and Mrs Emmett-Callaghan (Head of Year) reminded students how proud we are of them all. We absolutely know that with continued revision, hard work and a ‘can do’ attitude our Year 11 students will absolutely ‘smash it’.

Next week is Week 2


Events next week

Monday 16 May – GCSE exams start. Personalised timetables have been distributed but you can download a general timetable here:

Wednesday 18 May – 5:30pm-6:30pm Parent Forum in the Main Hall. Please book a ticket to attend, using this link: the topic for discussion is Uniform.

During the week Year 7 PR data will be emailed home.


Letters sent this week

Year 10 – English Revision Guides, GCSE Geography Fieldwork (Geography students only)

Year 7 – Geography Marwell Trip

Our letters are available here:

The Headteacher’s Blog is available here:

Theme of the Week – E-Safety

This week our assemblies will be delivered by Mr Andrews (Assistant Headteacher) and our Cyber-Ambassadors.

The key words for this week are:

Authenticity – The quality of being real, true and genuine.

Representation – The act of speaking or acting on behalf of someone else or the description/portrayal of something or someone.

It would be great if you could discuss this vocabulary at home.


Communication and Feedback

We know that students achieve the best outcomes when we work together as Team Hamble. We really appreciate receiving feedback (both positive and areas for development) and would ask that you email if you have anything to share. We always work hard to resolve issues in the best interests of the whole community. If you would like to speak to a member of the Senior Leadership Team at any point, we can be contacted through

We know that there are a number of parent/ carer groups on Facebook connected to the school, we would ask that you show courtesy and respect to others on these forums. Please do not:

  • Use social media sites to make derogatory comments about students, parents/ carers, staff members, governors or the local community
  • Post photographs of other people’s children on social media sites without their permission
  • Discuss individuals (staff or students) or groups of students on social media.

The use of social media can benefit the school and community if used appropriately. Please help us to make it a positive experience for all.



As you are aware from last week’s message we are currently running a parent/ carer consultation about uniform. We would like to invite you to our Parent Forum on Wednesday 18 May (5:30-6:30pm) to discuss this topic. Please note that you need to register before attending, using the online ticket site:

We would also ask that you complete the survey available here, if you are unable to attend:


Year 11

The revision breakfast space (D3) will be open daily from Monday 16 May at 7:45am every day during the exams season.


Geography Fieldwork

Fieldwork is such an important part of Geography. Year 7 have been invited to Marwell Zoo on Wednesday 29 June. All Year 7s have been sent a letter and Evolve consent via email this week – Please check your emails and complete the payment via Scopay. Year 10 GCSE Geography students will be going to Swanage on 15, 16, 17 June (depending on your class). This is an important part of your Paper 3 exam; therefore, it is vital that you attend. Again, a letter and Evolve consent form have been emailed for you to complete.


PE Kit – from Mr Needham (Head of PE)

I would like to that this opportunity to remind parents and carers that all students are required to change for their PE lessons, even if a student is injured (unless they are physically unable to change). It is important that all students are in their full PE kit so, if they are unable to perform, they can fulfil additional roles, such as coaching, leading, officiating etc.



The careers webpage has been updated with lots of new college material, please check it out here:


The students who achieved the most reward points last week are:

  • Nathaniel H 7-3
  • Luca V 8-4
  • Victor K-W 9-3
  • Charlie B 10-2
  • Olivia F 11-4

If you have any concerns about your child’s wellbeing or would like to report a safeguarding issue, please email