Well-being & Resilience - PSHCRE Day

On the week commencing 11 March, there were assemblies and PSHCRE based workshops run by The Harbour team and ‘Making Generation R’. Wellbeing and resilience are vital to developing efficient problem solving skills, building and maintaining interpersonal relationships and realistic goal setting, all of which greatly enhance an individual’s ability to perform and contribute meaningfully in daily life. Resilience is always important, but it can particularly equip people for times of change and stress.

The ‘Making Generation R’ campaign is aimed to help more young people to be more resilient when they face difficult situations. Students heard from guest speakers who had overcome difficulties through resilient strategies. All the guest speakers had been affected by a significant life event which resulted in them becoming disabled and challenged their mental health. Speakers discussed the adversities they faced and the strategies they used to support their recovery and mental well-being.

Mike Williams, aircraft traffic controller in the Navy for 28 years, left leg amputee guest speaker said:

“I found the students to be extremely attentive and what we are about is giving people resilience and hopefully we have done that.”

Some students were also lucky enough to take part in a Resilience workshop run by The Harbour team and ‘Making Generation R’. In the workshops, The Harbour delivered a session to raise awareness ‘We all have mental health’ and shared grounding techniques to support positive well-being, to manage stress and anxiety.

Students then had an in-depth talk from guest speakers, with the opportunity to ask questions and completed resilience group activities exploring adversity and strategies to overcome them. Many students found the talk interesting and staff and students were moved by the experience.

“Woody is a very inspiring person who gave an amazing talk about resilience and his difficult past! I think he will make a great influence on teens and many others. His story brought me to tears but really showed me that you can get through any dark times.” – Year 11 student anon
We hope to welcome ‘Making Generation R’ back next year.

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