Year 10 Challenge - Learn with US

Year 10 High Flyers were fortunate to be invited to explore a challenge set by the Learn with University of Southampton programme. The challenge centred around how to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. The challenge is spread across two days, culminating in a presentation to a panel and parents of their findings across the event. Alexandra Hamel wrote the article below to summarise the first day of the challenge.

Today we went to Southampton University and we were told we had to create a presentation. The presentation needed to discuss how to prevent the spread of a smallpox outbreak that had spread to the UK. Throughout the day we were shown ‘News Flashes’, with each providing an update of what was happening with the outbreak; this helped us with our project. During day one, we each had the opportunity of experiencing two workshops of our choosing to support our project. I explored communication skills in the morning session and archaeology in the afternoon session. During the archaeology session we looked at three human skeletons and diagnosed each one with an infectious disease by studying their bones. The day was very educational and enlightened our minds to the world of disease and infections.

At the time of writing, The Hamble School have secured the most points when compared with other competing schools. Watch this space for the outcome of the second challenge day.