Year 8 - University of Southampton

As part of our partnership with the University of Southampton’s Learn with US programme, twenty-five of our Year 8 High Flyer students took part in “A Day in the Life of…” event.

Students explored what a day in the life of a geophysicist, a light scientist and an historian is like. Students were excited to explore how phenomena such as the aurora borealis – the dazzling display of lights in the sky – is formed (also known as the Northern Lights). Students even observed a model showing the shocking purple hue sometimes seen.

Other exciting learning opportunities involved creating holograms using nothing but a mobile device and a piece of colourless plastic. Students brought back to life some of the extinct dinosaurs from the Jurassic era, formed holographic lightning and brought Disney characters to life right in front of their eyes!

In the final session, students looked into how historians use evidence of paintings, diary entries and wills in drawing conclusions – whilst also considering how well informed this evidence was.

Our students represented both themselves and their school exceptionally well and we want to extend our thanks to both the University and it’s ambassadors for inspiring and motivating our students to explore careers and the opportunities offered through a University education.

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