Year 9 High Flyers visit Itchen College

The start of this week saw over 20 of our High Flyer Year 9 students complete the Itchen College GATEway programme across two days.

The aims of the programme is to raise student aspirations for college, raise their awareness of the content and structure of a wide range of subjects at college and begin to build a relationship with the college moving forwards.

Each one of our students engaged outstandingly with the amazing opportunity this event offered. Our students followed a college-style timetable, immersing themselves in the large campus and beginning to experience the culture the college has to offer.

Learning sessions students explored included:

  • Criminology: exploring a crime scene and the evidence that can be used to lead to a conviction, as well as the psychology of different criminals,
  • Sociology: addressing and debating the very current theme of the gender pay gap,
  • Physics: learning about the impact of forces, in particular pressure to create rockets and centripetal forces to make a boomerang and use it,
  • Biology: preparing bacterial cultures and analysing the impact of substances on bacterial growth,
  • Music: designing a composition for a movie trailer,
  • Computing: learning how to code for a game using Microsoft programming software,
  • Film and Media: exploring how advertisements impact on different groups of society and target different audiences,
  • Maths: exploring how to use calculators to produce graphs and calculate equations for a graph – a real challenge,
  • Photography: learning and exploring how light interacts with photosensitive chemicals to produce a photograph,
  • And lots, lots more!

Our students represented both The Hamble School and Itchen College with exceptional pride and are keen to return for a second visit in Year 10. Nine of the students attending this event also attended a visit to Oxford University. Look out for an announcement about this visit and check our Twitter feed @TheHambleSchool to keep track of our events as we move towards the end of this eventful academic year.