What a week it has been! It started last weekend when Mr Ford and his team were joined by Year 10 students training for their Duke of Edinburgh award. Students competed in the Rotary Technology competition on Wednesday, Mrs Holden and Mrs Stratford hosted an amazing music concert on Wednesday evening and then the whole school came together on Friday for the Great Hamble Bake Off, to raise money for Red Nose Day.

This weekend marks two years since the first lockdown in England and as Mrs Morgan said on Wednesday at the concert ‘we are truly proud of our students and what they have achieved over such a difficult period’. It is wonderful that we can all get together and take part in these fabulous events again.

Next week is Week 2


Events next week

Monday 21 March – Friday 25 March: Physical health, well-being and healthy eating assemblies

Wednesday 23 March: Year 11 Mock results assembly

Thursday 24 March: Year 10 Drama recordings

Thursday 24 March: Year 11 Parents’ Evening (online).


Letters sent this week

Year 9 – FAQ for Preferences

Year 8 – FAQ for Preferences

Our letters are available here: https://www.thehambleschool.co.uk/letters-to-parents/

The Headteacher’s Blog is available here: https://hambleheadteacher.wordpress.com/


Year 8 & 9 Preferences

There is an extensive Preferences webpage that provides you with details and timeline of the process and also information videos from each subject about the courses they offer. Please follow the link here: https://www.thehambleschool.co.uk/preferences-2022/

Mrs Morgan emailed home a FAQ sheet on Friday. If you need any additional support, please email general@thehambleschool.co.uk A reminder that the deadline for completion of the forms is 1 April 2022.


Mrs Baldwin’s KS3 PE Classes

Students have started their rugby unit in their PE lessons this half term and we are due to start tackling next week. It is recommended that in order for students to apply tackling skills in a game, they wear a mouthguard to protect their teeth. I believe these can be purchased in Sports Direct and many other sporting shops from as little as £3. Should they not bring a mouthguard, they will still be able to take part in the lesson and it will be adapted to tag rugby. All those that are able to source a mouthguard, will be able to do full contact. Thanks in advance for your support with this.


Words of the Fortnight

Students will continue focussing on physical health, wellbeing and healthy eating in assembly and PSCHRE this week. Please use these words with your son/ daughter at home.

Vitality –
The physical state of being strong and active. Often thought of as lively and energetic.

Discipline – The practice of training others to follow rules. Knowledge of a particular field of study. To develop self-control.


The students who achieved the most reward points last week were:

Kate R 7-7

Max B 8-1

Mati Z 9-8

Hannah B 10-9

Giro L 11-1


Next week is DOUBLE reward points week for Year 11. A reminder that they need 500 points for an invite to Prom.


If you have any concerns about your child’s wellbeing or would like to report a safeguarding issue, please email staysafe@thehambleschool.co.uk