Policies & Procedures

All our Policies & Procedures are listed in alphabetical order and are always kept up-to-date.

DescriptionFile SizeDownload
Accessibility Plan124.9 KBDownload
Admission Policy 2020 for Admissions 2021/22213.1 KBDownload
Admission Policy 2021 for Admissions 2022/23223.2 KBDownload
Admission Policy 2022 for Admissions 2023/24212.0 KBDownload
Anti-Bullying Policy219.8 KBDownload
Attendance Policy (Students)130.8 KBDownload
Behaviour Policy185.7 KBDownload
Charging for Student Activities159.1 KBDownload
Child Protection Policy487.5 KBDownload
Children with healthcare needs who cannot attend school110.1 KBDownload
Code of Conduct166.7 KBDownload
Code of Conduct for Contacting Us164.5 KBDownload
Complaints Policy261.7 KBDownload
Data Protection Policy196.7 KBDownload
Designated Teacher Policy107.2 KBDownload
Early Career Teacher - Induction Policy122.6 KBDownload
Equalities Duty Policy272.0 KBDownload
First Aid Policy119.3 KBDownload
Governors' Allowances Policy148.0 KBDownload
Health and Safety Policy410.9 KBDownload
Home School Agreement143.2 KBDownload
ICT and Internet Acceptable Use Policy270.7 KBDownload
Low Level Concerns168.0 KBDownload
Privacy Notice229.5 KBDownload
Provider Access Policy114.9 KBDownload
Safeguarding Policy439.2 KBDownload
SEND Policy217.8 KBDownload
Sex & Relationships Education Policy237.6 KBDownload
Supporting Children with Medical Conditions192.4 KBDownload
Uniform Policy96.3 KBDownload