Online Safety Presentation – Download (PDF)

For children of secondary school age it’s likely that the internet and social media will become a part of their daily life. New technologies and digital media may have changed the way young people communicate, socialise and create but the importance of parental guidance remains the same.

Research tells us that having a supportive parent or carer can make all the difference in helping a young person learn to stay safe. Here at The Hamble School we help our students to be ‘e-safe’ by educating them on how to stay safe on the internet and while using digital technologies. In addition to this we support our parents by offering annual e-Safety Awareness evenings and parental help workshops.

There is also a whole host of information for Parents, Carers, and Students available below.​

Cyber Cafe – Parent Support Workshop (February 2018)

Cyber Cafe – Parent Support Workshop (February 2018)

To download the presentation – Download (PDF)

Social Media Guides

DescriptionFile SizeDownload
Guide to Facebook516.2 KBDownload
Guide to Instagram566.1 KBDownload
Guide to Musically489.5 KBDownload
Guide to Snapchat696.9 KBDownload
Guide to Whatsapp196.4 KBDownload
Guide to YouTube777.0 KBDownload

Parent Control Resources

DescriptionFile SizeDownload
Games Console168.4 KBDownload
Home Routers211.0 KBDownload
Phone166.4 KBDownload


Parent Resources

DescriptionFile SizeDownload
Be Safe and Smart Online188.3 KBDownload
E-Safety Prezi15.3 MBDownload
How to Keep Students Safe Online Infographic2.0 MBDownload
Internet Matters - Online Safety Guide333.6 KBDownload
Online Safety Handout - June 20171.1 MBDownload
Online Safety Social Networking Glossary644.1 KBDownload
Keeping your child safe online - A checklist for parents and carers209.5 KBDownload
E-Safety Awareness Presentation - June 2017 (Portable Prezi Mac)13.3 MBDownload
E-Safety Awareness Presentation - June 2017 (Portable Prezi Windows)35.2 MBDownload
Snapchat Snap Map Guide84.9 KBDownload
Social Media Age Restrictions1.2 MBDownload

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