Anti Bullying Ambassadors

How To Deal With Bullying

The school is a very safe, calm and orderly community where members of staff are trained to identify the signs of bullying and act upon them. Students participate in lessons, assemblies and other activities in order to understand the root causes of bullying, the effect of bullying on others and to discourage them from participation in bullying. They also receive information and guidance on how to identify bullying and report bullying incidents to staff so that action can be taken.

If you wish to report a concern about being bullied or witnessing bullying please use the email address below

In March 2017, Ofsted inspectors found:

“Pupils feel safe and know how to keep themselves safe.”
“My son’s welfare is at the heart of all that they do.”
“…incidents of bullying are increasingly rare.”

Bullying is rare, but when it does occur, pupils say that teachers deal with it effectively.” – Ofsted, March 2017