It is the responsibility of The Hamble School to ensure all candidates are given the best possible opportunity to be successful in their examinations.

This site will provide all students with the necessary information they need before and during their timetabled examinations.

Exam Timetables

There are currently no exam timetables to download.

GCSE Exam Changes – Guidance for Parents

GCSE Grading is Changing In 2017 Frequently Asked Questions For Parents – Download (PDF)

ASCL: GCSE Factsheet – Download (PDF)

Exam Documents 2017/18

DescriptionFile SizeDownload
Information for Candidates – Controlled Assessments 2017/1846.1 KBDownload
Information for Candidates – Coursework Assessments 2017/1845.7 KBDownload
Information for Candidates – Non-Examination Assessments 2017/1846.3 KBDownload
Information for Candidates – Onscreen Tests 2017/1841.2 KBDownload
Information for Candidates – Privacy Notice 2017/1837.4 KBDownload
Information for Candidates – Social Media 2017/18645.9 KBDownload
Information for Candidates – Written Exams 2017/1842.4 KBDownload
No Mobile Phones Poster 2017/1859.0 KBDownload
Warning to Candidates Poster 2017/1834.6 KBDownload

A few things to remember:

  • Your candidate number
  • Seating plans will be posted on the notice board outside the Hall and on the Exams Notice Board on the Beijing Building prior to each exam
  • Make sure your mobile phone is switched off and remove the battery (do not leave your mobile phone on silent or vibrate)
  • Put your mobile phone/MP3 player or any other electronic device (including headphones) in the envelope on your desk. Keep hold of your ticket to collect your belongings at the end of the exam
  • Make sure you have everything you need including a black pen (Electronic scanners marking papers cannot read any other colour ink easily)
  • Use a clear case/clear plastic bag to hold equipment
  • Read the exam instructions carefully
  • Keep calm, if your mind goes blank re-read the paper slowly
  • Check through your work at the end of the exam, do not waste the time
  • If you have any problems or feel unwell during the exam please tell an invigilator
  • Eat a good breakfast
  • Take water into the exam (but remove the label)

Examination Policies and Procedures 2017/18

The following Examination Policies confirm the procedures put in place by the school concerning examinations.

If you have a query on any of the examination policies below, please contact the Exams officer via the Main School Reception.

DescriptionFile SizeDownload
Appeals against Internal Assessments of work192.7 KBDownload
Outlining staff responsibilities - GCSE controlled assessments 2017/1857.4 KBDownload
School Appeals Notification Form 2017/1823.0 KBDownload
School Appeals Policy 2017/1878.6 KBDownload
School BSC Quality Assurance Procedure 2017/1851.0 KBDownload
School CA Risk Management 2017/1854.2 KBDownload
School Exams Contingency Plan 2017/1851.4 KBDownload
School Exams Policy 2017/18109.1 KBDownload