All our Policies & Procedures are listed in alphabetical order and are always kept up-to-date.
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Admission Policy 2017 for Admissions 2018/1980.2 KBDownload
Admission Policy 2018 for Admissions 2019/20130.3 KBDownload
Admission Policy 2019 for Admissions 2020/21187.5 KBDownload
Anti-Bullying Policy242.8 KBDownload
Attendance Policy (Students)179.2 KBDownload
Behaviour Policy251.5 KBDownload
Charging for Student Activities189.1 KBDownload
Child Protection and Procedures Policy566.4 KBDownload
Code of Conduct286.3 KBDownload
Code of Conduct for Contacting Us132.9 KBDownload
Complaints Policy250.1 KBDownload
Equalities Duty Policy239.3 KBDownload
Fire Drill and Emergency Evacuation118.2 KBDownload
First Aid Policy199.8 KBDownload
Health and Safety Policy374.4 KBDownload
Home School Agreement250.4 KBDownload
Privacy Notice205.2 KBDownload
Protected Disclosures (‘Whistleblowing’)238.9 KBDownload
Safeguarding Policy442.3 KBDownload
SEND Policy92.6 KBDownload
Sex & Relationships Education Policy173.6 KBDownload
Teaching, Learning & Assessment Policy106.0 KBDownload
Uniform Policy - All Years (Sept 2019)189.6 KBDownload