We were delighted that the Student Leadership Team were invited to Downing Street to present our petition against the proposed Urban Quarry on the airfield site next to the school. We have been very clear that as a school we are against this development and the Student Leadership Team wrote a letter outlining their concerns earlier on in the year. We believe that if the development was to be approved it would impact on a whole generation of Hamble children due to the noise, impact on air quality, increased traffic and concerns regarding safety.

As a school we work hard to promote British Values through the curriculum and wider opportunities. More information about this topic can be found here: https://www.thehambleschool.co.uk/promoting-british-values-smsc/ Having consulted with the Hamble Peninsular Residents Group we have decided to allow students who have permission from Parents/ Carers to take part in a protest against the proposed development, when the Hampshire County Council Regulatory Committee visit the site tomorrow.

Year 8 have completed their exam week this week. The students responded really well to this and adjusted to the organisation and structures of exams in the Sports Hall/ Progress Zone – Well done to you all. Year 9 exams take place next week and they have been briefed on procedures and seating both in assembly and during tutor time.

Thank you to Mrs Holden, Mrs Turner and the Careers Team for arranging such a brilliant Careers Fair this week. It was also wonderful to see Year 10 Parents/ Carers at Parents’ Evening this week and we would ask that you complete the Progress Review response form here, if you have not already done so: https://forms.office.com/e/UDLwDDVMGY

We have more Year 11 GCSE Exams this week with the end of the MFL Speaking Exams, Art and Photography Practical and PE Practical. We wish all the students involved in these exams, the very best of luck.

Next week is WEEK 2


Events w/b 29 April

w/b 29 April – Year 9 Exams Week

w/b 29 April – Year 11 MFL Speaking Exams continue

Monday 29 & Tuesday 30 April – Year 11 Art Practical Exam

Wednesday 1 & Thursday 2 May – Year 11 Photography Exam

Wednesday 1 May – Year 11 PE Practical Moderation Day

Wednesday 1 May – Year 10 Navy Careers Trip


Future Dates

Monday 6 May – The school is closed for Bank Holiday Monday.



You can find all letters sent home over the week here – https://www.thehambleschool.co.uk/letters-to-parents/

The canteen menus can be found here: https://www.thehambleschool.co.uk/food-and-drink/

Please check your child’s Attendance regularly on Class Charts


Question of the Week

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6-Weekly Message Question
Did you know that schools are expected to promote British Values?

This Week at the Dinner Table

This week we are continuing to focus on British Values. Ask your child how much they know about British Values. Here are some questions you could use:

  1. What are the fundamental British Values?
  2. What is democracy?
  3. What rules and laws keep us safe in society?
  4. What opportunities do students have inside and outside of school to develop their own interests and freedoms?
  5. Do students know how to report a concern if a member of the school community is not demonstrating respect and tolerance?


Theme of the Week – Student Leadership Opportunities

In assemblies this week we will be launching and re-launching some of our student leadership opportunities. As part of our regular surveying of student voice, our students have said they would like more opportunities to get involved with the school community and to develop their leadership skills. The four student leadership groups are:

Diana Award – Anti-bullying Ambassadors:

Our anti-bullying ambassadors have been working hard over the last two years to support our students and to educate the school to prevent bullying. With our Year 11s, who are anti-bullying ambassadors now focussed on their exams, we are looking for more students, from Years 7-10, to join the other ambassadors.

Student Support Ambassadors:

As part of the school’s plan for supporting wellbeing and mental health, we are looking for a group of Year 9 and Year 10 students who are interested in building on the work in school from the #BeeWell project. These students will  support and educate their peers to promote wellbeing.

Cyber Ambassadors:

Over the last two years our Cyber Ambassadors have supported the education of students about how to keep themselves safe online, including running assemblies and whole-school competitions to promote cyber safety. We are looking for additional members, from Years 7-10, to build on the great work that this team have done and to help shape the direction of the use of technology within school, including school policy.

Transition Prefects:

We are very proud of our Transition programme and an important part of this programme is our Transition Prefect support. Each year, a group of Year 9 students who want to support the Transition progress, help Year 6s to adapt to Secondary School life.

There will be more student leadership group information over the next few weeks, including the application process for the Year 10s to put themselves forward for the Senior Student Leadership Team (including Head Students and Deputy Head Students).

In tutor time, students will be completing an Anti-Bullying Survey, which will be used by Mrs Williams (Anti-Bullying Lead) to shape our school action plan.


Year 11 Update

Afterschool intervention will take place on Tuesday and Thursday this week.

If you or your son/daughter have any further questions about the GCSE exams/ revision, please email  svalleley@thehambleschool.co.uk You should now have also doubled checked exam entries – Any questions to Mrs Valleley, please.

If you feel your child needs more wellbeing/ mental health support, please get in touch with their tutor or Mrs Barkshire lbarkshire@thehambleschool.co.uk

On Friday we have our very special assembly – If you have not completed the secret form for Parents/ Carers, please ensure you do so on Monday as the deadline was last Friday. Please email Mrs Valleley, if you need the link sent again.

We understand that there are some rumours circulating on Parent/ Carer social media that some students have been told they are not going to be the Prom – We would like to be clear that no formal invites have been sent out and we will be doing this over the next week. Any student ‘at risk’ of not attending due to poor behaviour (e.g. suspensions) or concerns over attendance will receive a call from the Pastoral Team.


Parent/ Carer Voice

It is important to us that Parent/ Carers get the opportunity to share their ideas and feedback. We are commitment to developing a positive partnership between Parents/ Carers and the school. We have two dates for your diary below and we hope to see lots of Parents/ Carers at these meetings.

  • PTA – Wednesday 8 May at 6pm in the Conference Room by Reception. The PTA focussing on supporting the school at events and raises valuable funds for the school. Sign up here: https://forms.office.com/e/nF0qjuUmgGb
  • Parent Forum – Thursday 16 May at 6pm in the Conference Room by Reception. The Parent Forum is an opportunity for Parents to find out about what has been going on in the school and suggest recommendations for improvements. Sign up here: https://forms.office.com/e/FMwYytjYpc

If you have a question or would like to address something with the school, the tutor is always your first point of communication. Please email general@thehambleschool.co.uk and your email will be forwarded to your child’s tutor.


Parents/ Carers of Students with SEND

Hampshire County Council are launching a SEND Youth Forum. This will be a participation platform to be co-designed with young people aged 14 to 25. This exciting initiative aims to empower and engage young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) by providing them with a space to voice their opinions, share experiences, and drive positive change in Hampshire.

What is the SEND Youth Forum?

The SEND Youth Forum is a collaborative space where young people can connect, learn, and advocate for their rights. The forum will focus on issues that matter to them and will feedback into workstreams across Hampshire to impact service delivery and strategic decisions.

The benefits of joining are:


The forum welcomes participants from diverse backgrounds, abilities, and experiences. It is not a requirement to have a formal diagnosis or EHC (Education, Health and Care) Plan to be able to join the forum – the voice all of all young people with SEND matters.

Virtual and Face to Face

The forum will operate online and in person, allowing all young people to participate. Decisions on the format and location of meetings will be co-produced with young people to enable them to engage in discussions, attend events, and contribute to meaningful projects.

Peer Support

An opportunity for young people to connect with fellow young advocates who understand the challenges faced by those with SEND. An opportunity to share stories, offer encouragement, and build a supportive network.

Raising Awareness

By encouraging young people to participate, this will empower them to take an active role in shaping their own futures. Insights from the forum will also support educational practices, curriculum development, support services and provide young people with a sense of ownership in contributing to key decision making.

How Can Young People Get Involved?

Students can register their interest online at:


Or by scanning the QR Code below:

SEND Youth Forum QR Code

An initial online meeting will then take place with all interested participants to discuss plans further.


Transport for Schools

Over 90% of families in Hampshire make their own journeys to school. They walk, cycle, use public transport, lift-share with other families or take their child to school in the family car.

The County Council understands that for a minority of children, particularly those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), there are exceptional reasons why they are unable to get to school, even with the help of families or friends. In these situations, the County Council may be able to provide free transport assistance. This is available for eligible children from the term after their fifth birthday up to and including Year 11.

You can visit the Hampshire County Council website to check whether your child is eligible for free. If you believe your child meets the eligibility criteria, and you need help getting them to school, you can apply now for transport assistance for the 2024/25 school year.

If your child already receives School Transport, you don’t need to do anything unless your circumstances have changed. If you have moved home or school location, you will need to reapply for transport.

Application Deadlines:

Applications for School Transport for 2024/25 must be submitted by the following applicable dates.

Information for parents of Year 11 children with SEND.

For students with SEND, the entitlement to statutory (free) transport stops after Year 11, even if they are continuing education at their current school.  Hampshire County Council provides the option for parents of young people with SEND to apply for discretionary Post-16 Transport. If approved, and depending on your circumstances, you may be required to make a financial contribution towards this service.  To be considered for the Post-16 Transport service, you will need to submit an application by 30 June 2024. Again, applications received after this date will be treated as late applications.

Visit the County Council website for full details, including how to apply: https://www.hants.gov.uk/educationandlearning/schooltransport/parent-carer/application-process/post-16-provision


Celebrating Achievements

A reminder that we celebrate achievements every Friday with our award recognition system and Proud Friday.

Find out more here: https://www.thehambleschool.co.uk/rewards-recognition/

The students listed below achieved the most reward points this week – Well done to you!

  • Year 7 – Julia T 7-8
  • Year 8 – Mia E 8-6
  • Year 9 – Liam T 9-9
  • Year 10 – William H 10-6
  • Year 11 – Charlie H-T 11-7


You can say ‘thank you’ to a member of staff here: https://www.thehambleschool.co.uk/staff-recognition/ they really do enjoy receiving these each week.



If you or you child would like support with wellbeing, please check out the links of our website: https://www.thehambleschool.co.uk/student-wellbeing-support/

We have recently added information about a number of free parent/ carer courses or events to this section of our website.