This week has been a real celebration of the Arts and students in Years 7-10 have engaged in many workshops and visits. It has also been good to see teachers adapting lessons across the curriculum to develop creativity, confidence, resilience and problem solving. Thank you to the Creative Arts Team who made this week happen and Mrs Bowman (Head of Creative Arts) for all her planning. We also worked with the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton, Hampshire Music Service and Southampton Dance College – thank you for your support.

Year 7 have completed their exam week this week. The students responded really well to this and adjusted to the organisation and structures of exams in the Sports Hall/ Progress Zone – Well done to you all. Year 8 exams take place next week and they have been briefed on procedures and seating both in assembly and during tutor time.

It was wonderful to see Year 6 Parents/ Carers at our welcome evening on Tuesday night. Miss Cambridge (Headteacher), Mrs Valleley (Deputy Headteacher) and Mr Andrews (Assistant Headteacher) talked through the Transition Programme and Parents/ Carers collected their welcome packs. Feedback from the session was overwhelming positive with 100% stating that they found the event useful.

On Thursday we welcomed Year 11 students and Parents/ Carers to our final Achieving Excellence Evening. Sessions were delivered to students by the Southern Universities Network and Mrs Valleley (Deputy Headteacher) and Mr Wood (Assistant Headteacher) presented to Parents/ Carers. Thank you to everyone who attended – We will send out the resources from the evening and an evaluation in the next day or so.

Next week is WEEK 1


Events w/b 22 April

w/b 22 April – Year 8 Exams Week

w/b 22 April – Year 11 MFL Speaking Exams continue

Wednesday 24 April – Careers Fayre for Year 9 and 10

Thursday 25 April – Year 10 College Assembly

Thursday 25 April – Junior Maths Challenge in lessons

Thursday 25 April – Year 10 Parents’ Evening. You can sign up here:

Friday 26 April – Year 11 Maths Test for Success


Future Dates

w/b 29 April – Year 9 Exams.



You can find all letters sent home over the week here –

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Question of the Week

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5-Weekly Message Question
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This Week at the Dinner Table

Here are 10 questions you can use to explore how the exams are affecting your child. The main point of these questions is for you to focus on what the child is thinking and

  1. How are you feeling about these exams?
  2. How important are the exams to you?
  3. What would be the worst thing about not getting the grades you want?
  4. On a scale of 0 to 10, how anxious or under pressure do you feel to do well?
  5. Where is the pressure coming from?
  6. What really doesn’t help?
  7. What would make the biggest difference to how you feel?
  8. What would be the best thing about achieving the grades you want?
  9. If you could speak to one person about the exams, who would that be and what would you say?
  10. What can I/we do to help you through the next few weeks?


Theme of the Week – British Values – Individual Liberty and Respect

This week, Years 7-10 will be looking at the Fundamental British Values. Fundamental British Values underpin what it is to be a citizen in a modern and diverse Great Britain valuing our community and celebrating diversity of the UK. These values are Democracy, Rule of Law, Respect and Tolerance, Individual Liberty. In particular, the focus this week will be on individual liberty and Respect. This will include the freedoms that we have in the UK, the route that the UK has taken to gain these freedoms and the importance of taking responsibility alongside the freedom of choice.

In tutor time, students will be developing their understanding of British values further by looking at examples of how the British values are applied in everyday life and how we can ensure that everyone within our communities can build tolerance and respect for each other. It is also Reading Week, so they will be focusing on ‘Wonder’ by R.J. Palacio.

A useful video that will be shown to support the understanding of the Fundamental British Values can be found here:


Year 11 Update

Afterschool intervention will take place on Tuesday only this week due to Parents’ Evening on Thursday.

We have emailed the resources home from Thursday’s Achieving Excellence Evening if you were unable to make it. If you attended, please do let us know what you think here:

If you or your son/daughter have any further questions about the GCSE exams/ revision, please email

If you feel your child needs more wellbeing/ mental health support, please get in touch with their tutor or Mrs Barkshire

Next week we will be sending home the May half term revision/ intervention timetable – Please do ensure your child can attend the in school sessions.

Maths – This Friday 26 April is our final Test for Success of the year, where we will be focussing on non-calculator exam technique just three weeks away from our final GCSE Paper 1. This is a fantastic opportunity close to the exams to remind us of the exam experience and receive meaningful feedback in maths lessons in preparation for the real event.


Summer Term – Extra Curricular


Parent/ Carer Voice

It is important to us that Parent/ Carers get the opportunity to share their ideas and feedback. We are commitment to developing a positive partnership between Parents/ Carers and the school. We have two dates for your diary below and we hope to see lots of Parents/ Carers at these meetings.

  • PTA – Wednesday 8 may at 6pm in the Conference Room by Reception. The PTA focussing on supporting the school at events and raises valuable funds for the school. Sign up here:
  • Parent Forum – Thursday 16 May at 6pm in the Conference Room by Reception. The Parent Forum is an opportunity for Parents to find out about what has been going on in the school and suggest recommendations for improvements. Sign up here:

If you have a question or would like to address something with the school, the tutor is always your first point of communication. Please email and your email will be forwarded to your child’s tutor.


Celebrating Achievements

A reminder that we celebrate achievements every Friday with our award recognition system and Proud Friday.

Find out more here:

The students listed below achieved the most reward points this week – Well done to you!

  • Year 7 – Emily p 7-6
  • Year 8 – Jacob B 8-4
  • Year 9 – Dominik L 9-6
  • Year 10 – May H 10-3
  • Year 11 – Isabelle A 11-8


You can say ‘thank you’ to a member of staff here: they really do enjoy receiving these each week.



If you or you child would like support with wellbeing, please check out the links of our website:

We have recently added information about a number of free parent/ carer courses or events to this section of our website.