Thank you to all the parents/ carers who attended the Parent Forum online this week. We really do believe a positive partnership between the school and parents/ carers will continue to drive improvements. Thank you for your support and suggestions – these will all be discussed at the Senior Leadership Team meeting next week and we will report back in due course.

We are very excited about Dance Live! on Wednesday next week – The staff watched their performance in rehearsals last Monday and it looked incredible. Good luck to everyone taking part and ‘thank you’ to Miss Clucas, Mrs Bowman, Mrs Craggs and the other staff who have worked hard to ensure the students are ready.

This week Year 11 have worked very hard on revision. Teachers have been showcasing revision techniques in lessons and students engaged in a tutor session on revision on Thursday. They should now have revision timetables ready for the mock exams and we will be rewarding evidence of ‘proactive revision’ – Work above and beyond homework, which is completed at home with ‘Double Reward Points’ over the next fortnight. We also look forward to seeing students with their parents/ carers on Wednesday 31 January for the Achieving Excellence Evening.

Next week is WEEK 2


Events w/b 29 January

w/b 29 January – Year 8 Review Assessments in class. Please ensure students are looking on Class Charts for revision materials and revising for these tests.

w/b 29 January – Year 11 Mock GCSE MFL Speaking Exams.

Tuesday 30 January – Dance Live! Rehearsal.

Wednesday 31 January – Dance Live!

Wednesday 31 January – Year 11 Achieving Excellence Evening, 6pm.

Wednesday 31 January – UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge in lessons.


Future dates

Wednesday 7 February – Coffee Morning, 11:30am-12:15pm. Meet our dedicated Community Police Officer PC Peacock. Ask any questions about community or school issues. Free tea/ coffee and biscuits provided. Sign up here:

Wednesday 7 February – Year 11 Mock Exams start.

w/b Monday 12 February – Half term holidays.

Thursday 22 February – Year 9 Parents’ Evening.

Monday 26 February – Parent Forum – SEND/ Inclusion Focus.

Thursday 7 March – Year 8 Parents’ Evening.



You can find all letters sent home over the week here –

The canteen menus can be found here:

Please check your child’s Attendance regularly on Class Charts



Theme of the Week – Online Safety

Next week we will be focussing on Online Safety in assemblies and personal development. Child Line provides some really useful tips for children to help them with this topic:

  • Think before you post
    Don’t upload or share anything you wouldn’t want your parents, carers, teachers or future employers seeing. Once you post something, you lose control of it, especially if someone else screenshots or shares it.
  • Don’t share personal details
    Keep things like your address, phone number, full name, school and date of birth private, and check what people can see in your privacy settings. Remember that people can use small clues like a school logo in a photo to find out a lot about you.
  • Watch out for phishing and scams
    Phishing is when someone tries to trick you into giving them information, like your password. Someone might also try to trick you by saying they can make you famous or that they’re from a talent agency. Never click links from emails or messages that ask you to log in or share your details, even if you think they might be genuine. If you’re asked to log into a website, go to the app or site directly instead.
  • Think about who you’re talking to
    There are lots of ways that people try to trick you into trusting them online. Even if you like and trust someone you’ve met online, never share personal information with them like your address, full name, or where you go to school. Find out more about grooming.
  • Never give out your password
    You should never give out your password or log-in information. Make sure you pick strong, easy to remember passwords.
  • Cover your webcam
    Some viruses will let someone access your webcam without you knowing, so make sure you cover your webcam whenever you’re not using it.

This week Mr Andrews (Assistant Headteacher) will deliver the assemblies based on this topic. In the Personal Development tutor time sessions, students will explore the following questions:

  • Year 7 – How can we make sure we game safely?
  • Year 8 – How can we conduct ourselves appropriately online?
  • Year 9 – How can we keep ourselves safe online and what is our digital footprint?
  • Year 10 – How can we keep ourselves safe online and what is our digital footprint?
  • Year 11 – Students will continue with revision and subject based intervention.

Further information to support children and parents/ carers is available on the NSPCC website:



Year 11 Update

Afterschool intervention will take place on Tuesday and Thursday.

On Wednesday 31 January (6pm-7:30pm) there will be an Achieving Excellence Evening for both parents/ carers and students. The sessions will be bespoke based on your child’s needs. Please sign up here: if you have not already done so.

There will be an opportunity on the night to collect free revision resources. We would also recommend the following CGP Revision Skills and Revision Plan book you can purchase on Scopay for £2.50 (recommended retail price – £5.99) and collect on the night.



National Apprenticeship Week

Live Online Q&A session for Students and Parents on National Apprenticeship Week!

Tuesday 6 February 2024

5.30 – 6pm

Join Sparsholt College this National Apprenticeship Week for a Live Q&A session dedicated to parents and students hosted by their Apprenticeships Manager, Helen Mitchell and Senior Apprenticeship Liaison Officer, James Clements.

Find out more about apprenticeships with Sparsholt College Group (Sparsholt Campus, Andover Campus and University Centre Sparsholt) and get all your questions answered!

Register by using:



Nationwide Mental Health Assembly

This week during tutor time, Year 7,8,9 and 10 have participated in a nationwide assembly focused on mental Health organised by Here4You alongside the following mental health organisations: Shout, The Mix, YoungMinds, Place2Be, Joe’s Buddy Line and Mind. The assembly focussed on looking after your mental health from an early age and signposted the help and advice available to support young people.

The film leads into Place2Be’s Children’s Mental Health Week which takes place from 5-11 February 2024. The theme for Children’s Mental Health Week 2024 is ‘My Voice Matters’. Research shows an increased demand for mental health support. There are record numbers of children and young people struggling and reaching crisis. NHS data published in November 2023 revealed that 1 in 5 children and young people aged 8-25 years now have a probable mental health condition .

More young people need mental health support than ever before, but they don’t always know how to access it. Here4You aims to meet mental health issues head-on and improve our young people’s wellbeing across the nation. The Here4You assembly lead by Roman Kemp, Tom Grennan and Harry Kane aimed to enable young people to explore and improve their own mental health whilst also providing positive help and information to them and the adults around them. The dedicated website signposts help and services available that support mental health. A copy of the assembly can be found here:

As a reminder, our school website provides links to a wide range of organisations that can provide support:  We encourage parents/ carers to talk, in the first instance to their child’s Tutor and Progress Leader, who can signpost you to the most appropriate in-school or external source of support. School staff will encourage parents/ carers and students to access the range of specialist services that are available in our local area. Students can also alert the school to any concerns or worries through these methods:


Pastoral Care

The Hamble School takes great pride in the high standards of pastoral care that are provided for students. Our philosophy places considerable importance on ensuring that students are in a positive learning environment, feel happy and safe and enjoy coming to school. We want students to enjoy the challenge of learning and build resilience to overcome difficulties. We hope that students will participate fully in school life and everything that The Hamble School has to offer.

As a school, we have an extensive pastoral care support system. The aim of pastoral care at The Hamble School is to ensure that all students are supported and encouraged in both academically and personally. This is achieved through a highly effective structure led by Progress Leaders for each year group and a team of tutors.

There are also a wide range of support staff that further complement the pastoral care we provide. One of the newest additions is the appointment of our Child and Family Support worker, Mrs Tonner. Below, you will find an introduction from Mrs Tonner.

In my role as Child and Family Support Worker I will be working closely with families, students, staff and external agencies to help students achieve goals and be a happy and confident member of our community. There are a wide range of situations I support families with.  For example, so far this year I have helped with:

  • Form filling
  • Further education and training
  • Child Welfare
  • Relationships within the family
  • Routines at home
  • Issues of school avoidance

I can offer support in a number of ways. You can make an appointment to see me or email or call for a telephone conversation. During this consultation we will draw up a plan of the next steps for supporting the family.

This is an exciting initiative for The Hamble School and I look forward to meeting and supporting the families within our community.

Contact Details:

Mrs Tracy Tonner



Saints Foundation

We were very pleased to have the Saints Foundation in school on Monday 15 January, where they spoke to families and students about men’s mental health and the work that they do in the community.

One project they currently have available is a 2 week men’s mental health programme called Saints by Your Side. More information can be found here: Saints by Your Side. Please complete the website form to register your interest.

As part of our continuing work with the Saints Foundation, we would also like to support them with a research project they are currently undertaking.  The survey focuses on issues around gambling and how it impacts on you/others. All responses are anonymous and will help us identify a need for support services and how they can be delivered effectively to meet those needs in Southampton. Please could we ask that you take 5 minutes to complete the survey:



Celebrating Achievements

A reminder that we celebrate achievements every Friday with our award recognition system and Proud Friday.  Find out more here:

We are delighted that so many students have achieved awards this week:

  • Bronze – 2 students
  • Silver – 26 students
  • Gold – 57 students
  • Ruby – 47 students
  • Platinum – 19 students
  • Diamond – 2 students

Congratulations to Emmanuella O 7-5 and Bella J 8-4 who are the first to achieve their Diamond Awards. These were presented by the Senior Leadership Team on Friday.

The students listed below achieved the most reward points this week – Well done to you!

  • Year 7 – Elizabeth S 7-8
  • Year 8 – Bella J 8-4
  • Year 9 – Jessica W 9-2
  • Year 10 – Wiktoria B 10-8
  • Year 11 – Natasha O 11-3


You can say ‘thank you’ to a member of staff here: they really do enjoy receiving these each week.




If you or you child would like support with wellbeing, please check out the links of our website:

We have recently added information about a number of free parent/ carer courses or events to this section of our website.