Last week 400 students took part in a protest against the proposed Urban Quarry just 50 metres from the school site. We were pleased that parents/ carers and members of the community also joined us. The protest attracted a lot of Press interest and we hope that it had the desired impact to influence Councillors.

Some of the articles can be found here:

We are now aware that the decision on whether the Quarry should go ahead will take place on Wednesday 15 May at Hampshire County Council’s offices in Winchester. We are working with the Hamble Peninsular Residents Group to arrange a protest. If you would like your child to get involved in this, please read the letter emailed from Miss Cambridge on Friday and complete the form here: If you would like to attend as a Parent/ Care and/ or member of the community, there is a coach travelling from Hamble for residents and you can find out more here:

Year 9 have completed their exam week. Well done to you all for your hard work revising and excellent behaviour during the exams in the Sports Hall/ Progress Zone.

On Friday we wished all our Year 11 students ‘Good Luck’ in a very special assembly. They received cards and a little souvenir from Parents/ Carers and the school.

Thank you to the Key Stage 3 Art students and teachers for the messages they designed too. The GCSE written exams start next week and students should now follow the Top Up/ Warm Up booklet. A final reminder that all students and Parents/ Carers also need to check entries which have been emailed home. If there are any questions please email Mrs Barkshire (Year 11 Progress Leader)  and Mrs Valleley (Deputy Headteacher)

Next week is WEEK 1


Events w/b 6 May

w/b 6 May – Year 11 GSCE/ BTEC Exams

Tuesday 7 May – Year 11 Intervention afterschool – Final session

Wednesday 8 May – PTA Meeting; 6pm in the Conference Room

Thursday 9 May – AM BTEC Sport and GCSE RE; PM GCSE Drama

Friday 10 May – AM GCSE Science Biology; PM GCSE German Listening and Reading.

11 & 12 May – DofE Training Walk.


Future Dates

Wednesday 15 May – Year 10 EBP Work Experience Evening

Thursday 16 May – Parent Forum.



You can find all letters sent home over the week here –

The canteen menus can be found here:

Please check your child’s Attendance regularly on Class Charts


Question of the Week

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7-Weekly Message Question
Does your child know the difference unkindness and bullying?


This Week at the Dinner Table

This week we are focussing on friendships and resolving conflict. Here are some questions to help you talk to your child about this topic:

  1. Do they feel that they can be themselves with their friends?
  2. Do their friends listen to them?
  3. What happens when they disagree with their friends? Are they respectful if their friends have different views/ opinions?
  4. Can they trust their friends and be honest?
  5. Are their friends there for them and do they support them?


Theme of the Week – Friendship and Resolving Conflict

In assemblies this week we will be focussing on friendship and resolving conflict. Students will learn that conflicts with friends are a normal part of human relationships, and they can be resolved in a healthy and constructive manner with effective communication, active listening, empathy, perspective-taking, problem-solving skills, and self-awareness. During the Personal Development sessions in tutor time students will discuss how to communicate effectively and the resolve issues in a constructive manner.


Year 11 Update

Afterschool intervention will take place on Tuesday this week. Students now need to follow the Top Up/ Warm Up booklet – if they need another copy, they can ask their tutor. A reminder that students in Year 11 must now be in school at 8:20am if they have morning exams so that they can attend the Warm Up session. There is a Year 11 Revision Breakfast Room available every day.

If you or your son/daughter have any further questions about the GCSE exams/ revision, please email You should now have doubled checked entries – Any questions to Mrs Valleley, please.

If you feel your child needs more wellbeing/ mental health support, please get in touch with their tutor or Mrs Barkshire


Parent/ Carer Voice

It is important to us that Parent/ Carers get the opportunity to share their ideas and feedback. We are commitment to developing a positive partnership between Parents/ Carers and the school. We have two dates for your diary below and we hope to see lots of Parents/ Carers at these meetings.

We are also keen to get your views about the school and last week sent out a Parent/ Carer Survey. Please do complete this below by Monday 13 May:

  • PTA – Wednesday 8 May at 6pm in the Conference Room by Reception. The PTA focussing on supporting the school at events and raises valuable funds for the school. Sign up here:
  • Parent Forum – Thursday 16 May at 6pm in the Conference Room by Reception. The Parent Forum is an opportunity for Parents to find out about what has been going on in the school and suggest recommendations for improvements. Sign up here:

If you have a question or would like to address something with the school, the tutor is always your first point of communication. Please email and your email will be forwarded to your child’s tutor. We will be running some tours of the site during school hours later in the year – please look out for these dates and sign up to see the school in action.


Geography Update

  • Revision Guides for Y10 (which also includes exam questions etc.) are available to purchase on Scopay for £5.50. These will be needed for the Year 10 exams and beyond.
  • Year 10 Advance Notice – To support with budgeting – Geography Fieldwork will take place in Summer term, and letters will follow. There will be a donation requested to cover the travel for this trip, to enhance the GCSE and increase student outcomes, which will be approximately £25.
  • Year 7 Geography Trip (Marwell) information will be sent shortly – Please be mindful there will be a donation requested to cover the travel and entry for this trip of approximately £25


English Update – Year 10

We have selected the Revision Guides that we feel will be most appropriate and would strongly encourage you to purchase as many as possible for your Year 10 child.  We are able to supply them at a significantly reduced cost, up to 50%, compared to online prices and those in bookshops.  Those listed in bold below are the ones that we would give the highest priority.

This year the guides come with added features included in the cost.  This includes an on-line version and some have interactive quizzes and revision tools.  Students will be shown how to set this up.

Please could decide which Revision Guides you would like to purchase and pay for them via Scopay by Midday, Monday 20 May 2024.  Once payment has been received the books will be ordered. No orders will be accepted after the deadline. If you require a link code to your child’s Scopay account please e mail:

If you have any questions, or are not able to purchase these books because of financial difficulty please contact me directly on

The guides available are as follows, with the ones to prioritise in bold:

  • ENAR42- GCSE English Language AQA Revision Guide- for the 9-1 Course- £3.15
  • ENAW42- GCSE English Language AQA Workbook- for the 9-1 Course (includes answers) – £3.15
  • EGW42- New Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar for GCSE Study Guide- £3.15
  • EER43- GCSE Writing Skills Study Guide- £3.15
  • ACHR44- GCSE English Literature AQA Poetry Guide: Power and Conflict Anthology for the 9-1 Course- £3.15
  • ETR45- GCSE English Shakespeare- Romeo and Juliet- The Text Guide-£3.15
  • ETCC42- GCSE English Text Guide- A Christmas Carol- £3.15
  • ETI45- GCSE English Text Guide- An Inspector Calls- £3.15
  • Alternatively, you can purchase all of the revision guides for £25.20


Celebrating Achievements

A reminder that we celebrate achievements every Friday with our award recognition system and Proud Friday.

Find out more here:

The students listed below achieved the most reward points this week – Well done to you!

  • Year 7 – Grace L 7-6
  • Year 8 – Alicia K 8-1
  • Year 9 – Liam T 9-9
  • Year 10 – Zak S 10-6
  • Year 11 – Harrison G 11-8


You can say ‘thank you’ to a member of staff here: they really do enjoy receiving these each week.



If you or you child would like support with wellbeing, please check out the links of our website: