We hope that you have all had a good Christmas break and enjoy the New Year celebrations. We look forward to seeing students on Tuesday 2 January at 2024 at 08:30am. Please go straight to tutor rooms. As a reminder Year 11 students must refer to the letter sent at the end of term, so that they know who their new tutor is and where to go.

Next week is WEEK 2



Events w/b 2 January

Tuesday 2 January – Year 11 Intervention starts after school. Please note there will be no intervention on Thursday 4 January due to Parents’ Evening.

Thursday 4 January – Year 11 Parents’ Evening.


Future dates

Thursday 11 January – Year 7 Parents’ Evening.

The canteen menus can be found here: https://www.thehambleschool.co.uk/food-and-drink/

Please check your child’s Attendance regularly on Class Charts


Theme of the Week – Resolutions

This week is the theme is ‘Resolutions’. Miss Cambridge (Headteacher) will be delivering the assembly and in tutor time students will focus on: ‘Why do we make resolutions?’


Timetable Changes
There will be a small number of timetable/ teacher changed for next half term. Individual details will be available on Class Charts from 2 January and your child will be issued with a printed copy of their timetable when we return. Tutor group changes are all outlined on our website here: https://www.thehambleschool.co.uk/pastoral-care/


Progress Reports

Years 8-11 were issued with a Progress Report before Christmas– This was emailed home. We would ask that you complete the feedback form on the letter before 2 January 2024 so that we can respond to any questions you may have and book parent/ carer meetings as appropriate. Teachers are also looking forward to discussing the progress of students in Year 11 and Year 7 at Parents Evenings’ in the new year (Year 11 – 4 January, Year 7 – 11 January). Booking details have already been emailed to parents/ carers. If you have any questions, please email general@thehamblsechool.co.uk


Uniform and Expectations

We have high expectations in terms of behaviour and uniform. We would ask you to ensure that your son/ daughter has everything they need for the new term and their uniform meets our requirements – Particularly the required length of a skirt (if your child wears one). The uniform and equipment list is here: https://www.thehambleschool.co.uk/uniform/




If you or you child would like support with wellbeing, please check out the links of our website: https://www.thehambleschool.co.uk/student-wellbeing-support/ You can also email staysafe@thehambleschool.co.uk or use our ‘Report a Concern’ link on the school homepage.