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FAQ Parents And Carers - Blended Learning307.8 KBDownload
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The Hamble School Update 13 May 202081.4 KBDownload
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THS Cultural Experience Challenge284.2 KBDownload
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Year 7 Progress Check Week - 22 April 2020294.2 KBDownload
Headteachers Blog Week 4380.7 KBDownload
School Age Immunisation Service - NHS Southern Health (6 April 2020)219.5 KBDownload
Your Guide To Improving Mental Wellbeing2.2 MBDownload
Mental Health and Wellbeing Support for Parents168.7 KBDownload
Headteachers Blog - Week 3340.0 KBDownload
Home Learning Newsletter - Issue 3 (10 April 2020)2.2 MBDownload
Ofqual Letter to Year 11 Students - Summer 2020 Grading162.0 KBDownload
My 2020 Covid-19 Time Capsule580.8 KBDownload
Online Safety Support For Parents42.0 KBDownload
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Year 8 - Preference Information Sheet225.5 KBDownload
Year 8 - Preference Letter Update294.6 KBDownload
Home Learning Newsletter - Issue 1 (27 March 2020)301.7 KBDownload
Year 11 GCSE Information – Wednesday 25 March 2020 at 3:30pm302.8 KBDownload
School Provision from Monday 23 March onwards (Latest update as of: 20.03.2020 at 1pm)311.4 KBDownload
Information for Year 11 Parents - 20.03.2020 at AM299.6 KBDownload
Potential Provision for Vulnerable Children and the Children of Key Workers 19.03.20 10am340.8 KBDownload
Coronavirus Update – 18 March 2020 at 7pm835.7 KBDownload
Coronavirus Advice 2020 284.8 KBDownload
Scholars Educational Ticket - Summer 2020 370.7 KBDownload
Extra-curricular Clubs Spring 2020206.2 KBDownload
Prom Letter 2020382.4 KBDownload
Drug Misuse, Protecting Students Results795.1 KBDownload
One Contact Letter Jan 2020281.1 KBDownload
Protecting Students - Drug Misuse295.6 KBDownload
Year 11 Revision Packs369.8 KBDownload
Change Of Head of Year - Year 10272.1 KBDownload
Extra-curricular Letter185.8 KBDownload
ThinkNinja 2019324.2 KBDownload
Attendance Letter - Start Of Year308.8 KBDownload
Headteacher's end of term letter - Summer 2019472.4 KBDownload
Pastoral Changes For 2019-20324.2 KBDownload
Letter To Parents - School Production - School Of Rock339.5 KBDownload
Letter To Parents - Final Dates And Leavers Assembly - Year 11305.1 KBDownload
Letter To Parents - GCSE Maths Exam Revision Packs - Year 11341.6 KBDownload
Lockdown Letter For Parents April 2019 V2442.7 KBDownload
GCSE English Literature Top-Up Session - Year 11235.5 KBDownload
Parent Bulletin Iss2 - April 2019 1.4 MBDownload
Year 9 Revision Guide336.9 KBDownload
Behaviour on the Trains 236.6 KBDownload
The Harbour & Generation R Assemblies305.7 KBDownload
Momo Warning Letter 28246.4 KBDownload
MOMO-Online-Safety-Guide-for-Parents1.3 MBDownload
Travelling To School301.8 KBDownload
Cycling Safety393.8 KBDownload
Community Sports Complex - Contract 2018195.5 KBDownload
Lockdown Procedures 2018186.2 KBDownload
New Headteacher Announcement - May 2018187.7 KBDownload
Celebrating Achievements – Twitter230.7 KBDownload
Cyber Café: e-Safety Support Workshop - Thursday 11th January192.3 KBDownload
The Hamble School in the Media186.1 KBDownload
Urgent Safeguarding Update Dec 17182.6 KBDownload
Term Time Absence - Letter and Leaflet455.8 KBDownload
The Hamble School Twitter Account207.2 KBDownload
Ofsted Report and Letter - 4th April 2017377.1 KBDownload
Ofsted Letter to Parents and School Inspections: A guide for parents169.8 KBDownload