It is the responsibility of The Hamble School to ensure all candidates are given the best possible opportunity to be successful in their examinations.

This site will provide all students with the necessary information they need before and during their timetabled examinations.

New JCQ Guidance for Students and Parents – Summer 2021

Guidance from the Joint Council of Qualifications for parents and students due to take examinations in Summer 2021

JCQ Guidance – Download (PDF)

New Year 11 Assessment Booklet – Summer 2021

Information from subject departments outlining the assessments being used for Teacher Assessed Grading in the Summer 2021 examinations

Y11 Assessment Booklet – Download (PDF)

New GCSE & Vocational Qualifications – Summer 2021 – click here

Exam Documents

DescriptionFile SizeDownload
Information for Candidates – Social Media667.1 KBDownload
Information for Candidates – Non-Examination Assessments52.3 KBDownload
Information for Candidates – Onscreen Tests42.8 KBDownload
Information for Candidates – Privacy Notice93.8 KBDownload
Information for Candidates – Written Exams44.2 KBDownload
Information for Candidates – Coursework Assessments51.0 KBDownload

A few things to remember:

  • Read all the “Information for Candidate” files above.
  • Remember your candidate number and centre number.
  • You must be in full School Uniform at all times, unless otherwise directed by SLT.
  • A BLACK pen – Electronic scanners that mark the papers cannot read any other colour ink.
  • Do not bring mobile phones into the exam room. If you do need to bring a phone in – please switch it off and hand it to the invigilators.
  • Wrist watches, Smart Watches and bracelets should be removed and placed on your exam desk.
  • Listen to all verbal instructions given by SLT or the invigilators.
  • DO NOT touch the exam papers until told to do so.
  • Read the front of the exam paper carefully.
  • Complete the front of the exam paper with your candidate information – only when told to do so.
  • All exam stationary (pens, pencils, erasers, compass, protractors etc.) to be placed in a clear pencil case.
  • Do not bring in to the examination room any equipment that you do not need.
  • Calculators must be lid free.
  • Drinks bottles should be of clear plastic and label free.
  • Keep Calm, if your mind goes blank re-read the paper slowly.
  • Check through your work at the end of the exam, do not waste time.
  • Please do not write on or deface the exam desks or exam cards.
  • If you have borrowed any equipment, please ensure you return it to the invigilators at the end of the exam.
  • If you have any problems, or feel unwell during the exam, please tell an invigilator.
  • Eat a good breakfast.

Examination Policies and Procedures

The following Examination Policies confirm the procedures put in place by the school concerning examinations.

If you have a query on any of the examination policies below, please contact the Exams officer via the Main School Reception.

DescriptionFile SizeDownload
Exam Results and Appeals Process248.2 KBDownload
Examination Contingency Plan234.0 KBDownload
Examinations Policy385.8 KBDownload
Internal Appeals Policy for External Qualifications276.3 KBDownload
Internal Assessments Appeals Process - Notification Form192.9 KBDownload
Outlining staff responsibilities - GCSE controlled assessments166.1 KBDownload
Quality Assurance Procedure248.5 KBDownload
Reviews of Marking - Centre Assessed Marks (Internal Procedures)201.2 KBDownload